Things I’ve Learned About Leftists

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

As I sit here on my (finally!) fixed computer, I realize I’ve missed a lot of moments with you guys! So. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza is a made up holiday, and Happy New Year.

Sheesh what a freaking decade the last year was. Lots of people had a tough time in 2020 while my year was fantastic. 2021 though? Yeah, that was a whole mess. Therefore, I’ve decided to be unreasonably optimistic about 2022. It will be great!….she says while holding lighter fluid, left eye twitching….No, I’m sure it will be fine. What goes down must come up, or something like that.

Outside of personal drama, I learned a LOT about the left last year. Most of it, I already assumed. But conversations and events throughout the year simply reconfirmed my positions and I’m more conservative now than I’ve ever been.

Life lessons #1 – The left is full of shyte. When they say they want people to unite, they mean comply. When they promote democracy, they mean progressivism. They’ve been changing the definition of words for years now, and it’s so they can say whatever they want without it actually having to mean anything. Lesson learned, don’t believe they mean a single thing they say.

I don’t really know of anyone on the right who takes leftits seriously anymore. And yes, the “tits” was indeed intentional. Honestly my favorite people to follow on social media are intellectuals like Thomas Sowell, and pages that make fun of Liberals. That’s basically it.

Yes, the Libs, they tickle me. Can you imagine living off of nonsensical catchphrases that contradict your own actions? If it sounds stupid and exhausting that’s because it is, but hey, at least they’re always good for a laugh!

Life lesson # 2 – The left doesn’t care about kids. From abortion to gender experimentation, Corona policies that have kids eating outside in 30 degree weather, teachers in under privileged areas refusing to go back to work, Hollywood’s constant portrayal of kids living like and sexualized like adults, pervasive pedophilia going unchallenge, treatment of Greta compared to treatment of Sandmann…

Leftists may be willing to paste a brown child’s face on a poster board for a march, but that poster will be left on the side of the road for some peon to clean up and the child will be forgotten until they need to do another Google image search for a virtue signaling cause.

Here’s the rub. They’re not hypocrites per se. They look like hypocritical twatwaffles, but they’re really not. They sound like hypocritical swamp cunts, but hypocrites contradict their own logic…and leftists don’t really follow logic.

It’s kind of blowing my mind, but I really think they’re not actually hypocrites. Stick with me here. Do they follow an agenda? Always. They will ALWAYS follow the agenda. But logic? Oh. Well. Occasionally, but usually by accident. Principles only apply when they have a desirable outcome, they are ignored in all other instances. You can’t be a hypocrite if you consistently apply reason willy nilly.

So lesson # 3 – A lot of leftists are simply insane. I’m sorry to say it. I have friends and family on the left. Some of them are more rational than others, but all of them ignore logic when it suits them. Logic implies valid deductive reasoning, a sort of structure of thought. No, what we’re looking at here is ideology being applied with ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’ type of guidelines. Many leftists have a religious, cult-like, fanaticism about their views, and they ignore the reality of their positions in favor of flowery theoretical outcomes. I used to think this way too. When I was five years old.

All of these lessons are helpful to know moving forward. You can’t attack a problem if you can’t define the terms, and you can’t talk to a crazy person without understanding their psychosis. This year I plan to approach my conversations with people on the left with a tad more understanding. I mean…I don’t really get it, but I get that I can’t ever get it.

I’ve been taking a mental break from the leftists in my life, because I’ll be honest, they tend to annoy the ever-living crap out of me. But. I’m trying to be a good person or whatever, so I need to stop avoiding them and reopen the lines of communication. In my defense, I can be friends with people without discussing politics, but inevitably THEY will want to discuss politics with ME. I don’t know why, because it never ends well, but they persist in doing so.

Well if they’re still willing to talk to a black white supremacist like me (their words, not mine!), then maybe they’re open minded and there’s hope for them yet. Or maybe they’re  just crazy people who hope to sway me to the dark side the same way I hope to sway them. Bring it on! Let the battle of wits recommence.

Here’s a fun little video if you want to learn how exclusive spaces are actually a form of violence and how it’s not divisive to divide by race. Or you can just watch it to laugh at stupid liberal ideas. Whatevs!

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