Fartboy’s Florida Maskless Getawaaaaaay, Psak-Attacks, And More Thursday Neeewwws

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Fang-Fang-Banging-Fartboy went to Florida, y’all.  You know, because it’s freeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Socialist dirtbags love telling you to mask up, they love to tell you to pay your FAIR SHAAAARE, and then they REALLY love taking your money and using it to galavant to freedom-loving, no-state-income-tax places like sunny Desantis-land.

Isn’t that just super liberal of them?

He and AOC should meet up there and have drinks and take pictures of their feet and tweet about how everyone wants to have sex with them.  Because Democrats.

Speaking of nutjobs, Australia is full-on commie now, too, and they’re a crystal ball into our near future if we don’t get our heads out of our arses and stop complying with all this Covid bulllsh*t.

Psaki also admitted that Biden isn’t running the country (surpriiiiiiiiiiiiise!), and it’s January 6th today, so expect an all-day media barrage of ceremonies and sob stories about how Nancy Pelosi has PTSD and as a result, she wants to change how voting works in America.  Also, she and her friends can’t be bothered to work today.  It’s not like you could expect her and her friends to DO THEIR ACTUAL JOBS.

I mean, why would they start doing their jobs now, right?

Happy Thursday, everyone.


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