Chicago Union Teachers ARE OUT OF CONTROL, Psak-Attacks Are Back, And We Can’t Stop Laughing At The Bachelor

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Chicago peeps – first off, we’re SORRY.  I used to live in downtown Chicago, and for SO MANY reasons, I’m not there anymore.  I like being alive, first of all.  Second, I can’t ever imagine raising kids in the city.  I’m pretty sure I’d be seeking out an alternative state at this point, seeing as how I’d want my kids to go to school in-person, since I PAID FREAKING TAXES FOR THEM TO DO THAT AND ALL.

In other words, the Chicago teachers’ unions are freaking out of control, and those teachers who voted for remote learning should be fired and never allowed to teach again.  EVER.

It’s been a few days since we had a Psak-attack for you, so you’re welcome – we have one.  And y’all – we cannot stop laughing at the new trailer for The Bachelor.  Has it always been this ridiculous?  Because we can’t stop laughing at all the crying.  We can’t help it.  That show is just the biggest pile of hot garbage ever.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Hump Day!


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