Pennsylvania Bans Alcohol Sales Ahead Of Thanksgiving

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

According to The Daily Wire, Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) and the transgender Pennsylvania Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel L. Levine, have issued an edict regarding alcohol sales as Thanksgiving nears.

“On Wednesday, Nov. 25, restaurants and bars are ordered to suspend alcohol sales at 5 p.m. until 8 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 26,” directed Dr. Rachel L. Levine, the Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, CBS Pittsburgh reported Monday.

Levine also announced “new mitigation measures” that include “targeted protections for businesses and gatherings.”

“Orders already in place and those announced today will be enforced, and law enforcement and state agencies will be stepping up enforcement efforts, issuing citations and fines and possible regulatory actions for repeat offenders,” Levine warned at the Monday presser, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

So, what is the scientific basis requiring the suspension of alcohol sales? There is none.

Democrats have shown they do not care about business owners or the “little people.”

Their sole concern is to appear to be the people taking this virus most seriously. Yes, the “party of science”, the very same party that does not know the difference between a male and a female, repeatedly institute ridiculous rules that have NOTHING to do with science.

This latest order is just a continuation of the same in Pennsylvania. The “leadership” there have lost their minds and are drunk on power.

As noted by The Daily Wire, last week, the secretary of health said Pennsylvanians need to wear masks even inside their own homes if others from differing households are over.

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“Strengthening masking order,” the department posted via Twitter. “Masks are still required. Indoors: masks now required anytime you’re with people outside of your household, even if you’re socially distant. Applies to all indoor facilities + if you have people in your home not part of your household.”

Folks visiting the state, or returning from another state, are also required to be tested within 72 hours before entering Pennsylvania, the department said.

There are certainly common sense measures people can take to limit their chance of contracting and spreading the virus. This is up to each individual to decide based on their own situations and health status. However, we are still a free people. All these politicians who have become addicted to power need to be put in their place. When the sheep people wake up and, en masse, refuse to comply, the politicians power will cease. It is We The People who need to say our kids belong in school, my restaurant will be open, my gym will be open, and no, I will not wear a mask in my own home.

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