General Flynn Receives Full Pardon From President Trump

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

All I wanted for Christmas was for someone to release the Kraken. And boy oh boy, am I pumped. I’m thinking my Christmas present came early! President Trump issued a full pardon for General Michael Flynn on Wednesday afternoon. What a perfect way to begin Thanksgiving celebrations!

Queue the liberal media meltdown. Prepare for Them to go nuts for a few days. I can hear Them screaming and crying right now. I need to go pop some popcorn and watch all the crying.

PRAISE GOD! It’s about time that Flynn is freed from such batcrap corruption from the Obama-administration.

Anyone paying attention to the Flynn case has been asking, ‘Where is Judge Sullivan? Why hasn’t he dispatched and dismissed the case against General Michael Flynn?’

Seriously, what has Judge Sullivan been doing? It’s been almost eight months since the DOJ dropped charges against @GenFlynn.

You guys, this has been going on for way too long–over four years too long–but thank God, Flynn is now free.

This is a case that will go down in the history books, telling the story of how broken our justice system had become by the year 2020. So broken, one might consider it a much bigger virus than COVID-19.

Let’s face it. Corrupt Democrats and RINOs have been trying to take down President Trump for years, dating back to before winning the 2016 primaries. Then, They never thought Hillary would lose the election in 2016. She lost. So They then went after the honorable three-star General Michael Flynn to get at Trump, and media slimes helped them. Watch this timeline of the Flynn case. It’s powerful. It’s worth every second of the 16 minutes.

Meanwhile, here we are in November 2020, and look how far They have come.

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They have moved on from “Russia interfering with our elections” to Actually Interfering with our elections themselves. The question is, IF TRUE, for how long has the Dominion/Smartmatic rigging of the voting system been going on?

Again, the media slimes continue to help Them attempt to cover it all up. Is it me, or do you guys feel like They have jumped the last shark?

Media slimes are now branding anyone who is legitimately collecting evidence of election fraud (e.g., Sidney Powell and Lin Wood) as ‘conspiracy theorists.’

In less than THREE WEEKS, said cronies demand the ‘conspiracy theorists’ to ‘put up or shut up’ with their evidence. All this after the same slimes propped up Adam Schitt (aka Schiff) on their stages for THREE YEARS with the ‘clear and substantial evidence’ he swore he had on Russia-gate or Ukraine-gate. But he could not show Them because it was ‘classified.’ Do the media hacks doing this realize that most of us have figured out Their schtick? Do they care? What are They trying to hide? I could go on, but I won’t.

Speaking of the media’s Russian narrative superstar, check out ‘Mr. Schitt’s’ response to Flynn’s pardon.

Can you smell that? He’s ‘schitting’ his pants.

So, who do you guys think THE KRAKEN is? Or what it is? Is it Sidney Powell? Is it the truth? OR is it General Michael Flynn?

Now that Flynn has received a full pardon, I think we might find out. It would have been great if Judge Sullivan would have done the right thing and fully dismissed the completely fabricated lie against Flynn. It is an absolute fact that General Flynn deserves a complete exoneration, but we all know crony-Sullivan would never do that.

Flynn knows where ‘all the bodies are buried.’ Trust me, I’ve been watching this case against Flynn for years now, and I know there are incredibly good (aka incredibly corrupt) reasons why Obama wanted Flynn silenced. Something tells me we’ll find out.


Meanwhile, crack open some bubbly, and Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless President Trump, and God Bless General Michael Flynn. I am thankful for both of them, and I’m extremely thankful for Wonder Woman Sidney Powell.

Thank you for your service, General Flynn. Congratulations!

God Bless America, now and forever.