‘Joe’gia’ Biden Celebrates His Birthday With No Masks

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UPDATE AND CORRECTION: How do you spell BAD OPTICS? Atlanta’s Mayor Bottoms tweeted this Birthday video out on Friday to wish ‘Joe’gia’ boy a happy birthday. But we have just learned that her video is a year old, and from their pre-COVID celebration for ‘Joe’gia’ Buyden in 2019. Who would have thought?
I suppose when your political brand is hypocrisy, this mistake is an easy slip for anyone, including fellow Democrats. Even Biden fans on Twitter have been asking Bottoms about the big party sans masks. I mean, after all, we frequently see media hacks and Democrat politicians with their masks off once they think the cameras are off.
That said, it was easy to believe that they would have a mask-less party amongst themselves, even in a COVID-state of tyranny. They had a lot to celebrate with ‘Joe’gia’ boy’s birthday and his hopeful steal of the Georgia election all in one Friday.
But it’s good to know the party Bottoms posted was a year ago. (Wink.) Please allow me to apologize. I should have realized that an elected mayor in 2020 would not make sure everyone understood this was from last year when she tweeted it out. Allow me to also apologize on behalf of Mayor Bottoms. While I cannot speak for her, I’m confident she’d also apologize for her tone-deaf, mask-less tweet when celebrating the mask-mandate-‘president-elect.’
Happy Belated Birthday ‘Joe’gia’ Biden. Where’s Hunter?

Yeah, don’t for a second think I’m writing about this to wish China-Joe a happy belated birthday. His birthday was Friday, November 20th.

Looks like “the devil went down to Georgia” to celebrate his big day.

Where’s the birthday boy’s mask, as Mr. ‘Elect’ is planning to issue a national mask mandate?

Where’s Hunter? It looks like Keisha Lance Bottoms (elected Atlanta’s mayor in 2017) was thrilled to be hosting Biden for his big day in ‘Joe’gia.’ Cheers to the fraudulent count! Bottoms up! (Wink.) Hope it was worth it.

I’m not sure who I’m more disgusted with, Biden, the media, or clueless liberals who did vote for the ‘10% Big Guy.’

If you’re afraid of COVID-19 with a 99% survival rate, and not afraid of ‘Joe’gia’ Boy who is 99% sure to lead America’s fall into socialism and then communism, put your mask on and listen up. Allow me to be the first to tell you – you’re brainwashed and there is no cure for brainwash – you may never recover from your brainwash. There’s not a vaccine for that.

Arghhh! I’m not losing hope in justice to come but, meanwhile, I’ve never been so sick and disgusted with swamp corruption and brainwashing. If America is lucky, the ‘10% Big Guy’ will be in jail for his next birthday.

Will someone send one of these Kraken-pies to Joe’s basement for Thanksgiving?

Please, and thank you.