Has The Kraken Been Released? We’ll Find Out.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Well, here we are. America has gone from 2008 with Obama’s “Hope For Change” to 2020 and “HOPE FOR JUSTICE.”

You guys, watching Democrats and RINOs forever hang on to their corrupt cliff without falling into the deep dark depths of justice is exhausting. I’m tired of it; you’re tired of it, the world is tired of it.

Most Americans are frustrated as hell with the lack of accountability and ZERO justice for corruption.

But I’ll tell you what; my opinion is that a big arm of the Kraken was released on Thursday. I am hopeful for justice, and I think there’s a lot more Kraken coming. If you’re a freedom-lover like me, let’s hope I’m right.

Allow me to jump right to this one from Friday night because it’s glorious to see Sidney Powell own CNN’s Kaitlan Collins like this on Twitter.

I’ll go ahead and say it. Kaitlan Collins is among my top five most loathed media activists out there. She is one of the most pompous and arrogant hacks in the business, and she had some bottom feeder behavior going on in the White House press corps room on Friday. She does whenever she’s there but Friday was over the top.

If I had been in that room, I may have had the pleasure of sticking a massive wad of ‘Big League Chew’ gum in the middle of her chair so she’d sit on it. Yes, I loathe her so much I tend to daydream of ways I could stick it to her as I watch these pressers. HAHAHA, yeah, that’s me.

But seriously, most people probably feel like sticking more to these people than a wad of gum. Their behavior is rabid and horrid like a pack of hyenas. This tape was recorded before Kayleigh starting her presser on Friday. Get a load of this:

Thank God for Kayleigh. She closed things out on Friday with the perfect answer to Chanel Rion’s question on ‘Where is the FBI?’

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Rion is the only journalist in the room these days at these White House pressers. I’ll say it again. Everyone else is a raging lunatic hy-eeeee-nah.

Here’s Kayleigh’s full statement regarding ‘smooth transition of power’ before she dropped the boom and left the room:

Yeah, and I stood up and cheered when she stuck this to Kaitlan Collins, it was glorious:

P.S. Did you watch the Coronavirus task force presser on Thursday? Talk about a media-gone-sh*t-crazy show. You guys, this was INSANE – they’re losing it. And seriously, if things are not happening with THE KRAKEN, they’d not be freaking out like this. Why are they panicking so hard?

The media’s behavior in and of itself should give us all pause, comfort, and the realization that justice is coming. And it’s gonna hit when no one expects it.

I savor this Trump tweet from 2013. It’s like the art of war. Never let your enemy know before you strike. Be patient like a lion, then make the attack swift and fierce.

Trump won the 2020 election. He knows it, we know it, the world knows it. And I trust that private citizens and lawyers such as Sidney Powell, Rudi Guiliani, Jenna Ellis are going to lead the way and prove it.

I have hope in the American people – it’s we, the people – American citizens who must rise up and take our country back.

The stage was set on Thursday for what’s to come from Trump’s legal team. The media won’t cover the details of what they shared – their presser was a whopper of about 90 minutes and no one in the media has the attention span for this. Jenna Ellis referred to it as their opening statement for their case. And she made it very clear that the media’s opinion on any of it doesn’t matter. It will all play out in the constitutional court of law, and not the court of media opinion.

PLUS, don’t forget about Dominion:

AND why the hell didn’t Dominion show up for questioning on Friday morning? What do they have to hide?

Where is Dominion? (Where’s Hunter?)

Repeat after me: ‘America will never be a communist country.’ Here’s to never losing hope for justice, and meanwhile, ignore the media frauds and shills. Focus on this, which is an obvious and important message from General Flynn and Dinesh D’Souza:

Friends, DON’T LOSE HOPE. Watch this clip from 2017: