Good People Doing Good Things

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I’m in the need to spread some joy, so I am super excited to share a cool place with you. Morgan’s Wonderland is a fully accessible theme park in San Antonio, Texas. The 25 acre arena is the first of its kind. It’s 100% wheelchair accessible, with over 25 rides, playscapes, and sensory activities.

The park first opened in 2010 to cater to people regardless of age, special need, or disability. In 2017 Morgan’s Inspiration Island Splash Park added 3 acres of tropically themed attractions and includes free use of waterproof wheelchairs and even adult-sized changing tables.

The Hartman Family Foundation was created because Maggie and Gordon Hartman have big hearts and wanted to help those with special needs, but they were personally inspired by their daughter Morgan and their drive to create opportunities of inclusion for people like her with cognitive and physical challenges.

Morgan’s Wonderland will be closed for the remainder of 2020 due to the freaking Coronavirus, but they have a virtual run, walk, roll or stroll event coming up in December. The website does not give a definite date for the park to reopen, but it sounds like they are determined to do so. 2021 is full of things to look forward to–we just have to find them and share them with each other.