MUST WATCH: Is It Time To Drop-kick Our Two Party State?

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Do you know what you guys? We’ve all been talking about RINO traitors for a while. I’ve always said that RINOs are worse than corrupt Dems. But it never hit me how bad things are with the GOP until I listened to this video. Yes, I cried. When we all realize how many traitors are among us, leading this country – it’s infuriating and heartbreaking.

Listen to this. Grab a tissue before you do. It’s real.

Let that sink in.

Speaking of RINO Traitors:

The corruption in America right now is so rotten, and it has been for a long time. The swamp is real.

If anyone asks us how deep it is, all we have to do is look at what has happened to Fox News. Betrayal is always the hardest when it comes from those who you think you can trust the most.

I vote for a new ‘Trumplican’ party to replace the GOP and the DNC. Who’s with me?

We need to take our country back, friends. Enough is enough.