This Thanksgiving, I’m Grateful Patriotism Is Cool Again


This Thanksgiving, I’m feeling blessed and thankful for an ever-present and loving God, my family, and my friends. Importantly, I’m grateful for the friendships I’ve made since joining the Chicks On The Right, and I cherish the opportunity to write with all of my heart for all y’all. I’m grateful to be an American and thankful for such a fantastic POTUS and Strong Military who work so hard to protect all Americans from sea to shining sea. And I’m thankful that patriotism is cool again. To that end, I’d like to thank all of you fellow patriots out there, especially the patriots who showed up to Trump’s rally in Sunrise, FL Tuesday night in Broward County, and filled it up to the top, tippy top. What a rally!

I’m thankful for Trump rallies like this that show us what the media won’t:

I’m thankful for rally data like this that shows us that we are now the majority:

I’m thankful for polls that break through the fake media misinformation, like this one:

I’m thankful that President Trump is a Master Troll on Twitter:

I’m thankful there are no coincidences: Many critics do not yet understand that Trump’s Rocky tweet was honoring the anniversary of Rocky IV, when on Nov 27, 1985, Rocky took on DRAGO of muh-Russia. AND WON. Ironically, so has Trump, and he’s winning bigly. The world is about to learn how FBI lovers Page and Strzok were caught. They illegally edited 302s for obtaining FISA warrants and, ultimately, for a Russia-related investigation code-named DRAGON. So after knowing that, and seeing Wednesday’s tweet, do you believe in coincidences? With every day that goes by, I understand more and more why Trump told journalists a long time ago to “learn to code.”


I’m thankful for the many meme artists out there who spread a little joy with every meme they make.

I’m thankful for all patriots who never give up, always stand strong, and “never take the first punch, but when the time comes for them to punch back, they punch back with ten times the strength.” I’m grateful for winners, just like Rocky.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! I’ll close with this fun video of the people’s champion, enjoy! 



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