Calling All 80s Peeps! Here’s Some Purple Gravy For Your Taters All Up In Here…

Daisy, Co-Founder

Right about now, you’re probably wishing you hadn’t had that third helping of mashed potatoes.  You’re thinking to yourself, “Self?  I need to be able to fit a SECOND helping of sweet potato pie into my literal piehole and my pants’ waistband is legit terrified right now.”

Oh wait – that’s just me thinking that.  Apologies all around, y’all.

What we all need is some good music to let our bodies rest from all the food and help ease us into digestive comas – because Thanksgiving, man.  Sweet mother of stuffing, I love this holiday SO MUCH.  I would let y’all listen to my Prince mix on Pandora, but there’s no Actual Way for me to do that with each and every one of you through the Internet, so this very-first-performance of Purple Rain back in 1983 is the next best thing.  Actually, it’s just one of the best things ever, if you want to get technical.

I bet Prince loved Thanksgiving, too.  What do you want to bet he showed up on Thanksgiving Day to the living room with his ruffly-white collared shirt, purple jacket and hot pants?  You know he did, because sexy BEAST.

The worst thing about this is that it’s 36 years old, so I feel like that canned cranberry sauce your Aunt Mary brought to dinner.  For real.  THIRTY SIX YEARS, y’all.  WTH IS EVEN HAPPENING?

But no one has been able to do it like him since, unless you count Lenny Kravitz as a close protege-type second.  Or Bruno Mars as a possible love child.

Anywho, enjoy the musical interlude:

Now go get yourself another couple slices of pie.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.



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