Today’s Thanksgiving Lesson About Conspiracy Theories Brought To You By The Letters P. B. And S.


Just when I sat back Wednesday evening to drink a glass of wine and relax, I made the mistake of glancing at Twitter and I read this public service announcement from our friends at PBS.  They’ve taken an honorable media stance to try to pull the wool over our eyes yet again, with this great advice: “How to keep conspiracy theories from ruining your Thanksgiving.”

Just for a moment, please allow me to channel “Oscar the Grouch” and vent a bit to counter this pile of Projecting. Boneheaded. And Schiff-shoveling bull.

Get a load of this:

House Democrats and Republicans didn’t agree on much during the public hearings held as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. But both sides and the witnesses did utter the same pair of words every day of the hearings — 50 times overall. And those two words were “conspiracy theory.”
From CrowdStrike to speculation about Jeffrey Epstein’s death, conspiracy theories have become central talking points in American politics and culture — or at least that’s how it feels on the internet.
Defining the conspiracy theory:
People — even smart and savvy ones — mix up conspiracy theories, falsehoods and myths. Here is the key difference: A conspiracy — and by extension a conspiracy theory — must involve a group of people conducting secret deeds that disadvantage or infringe on the rights of others.
Conspiracy theories lack public, objective and verifiable proof.

“Okay, Sesame Street kids, we’ll be right back with The Letter E, (for Epstein) right after this commercial break!”

“Welcome back! Okay, fam, let’s prepare for Thanksgiving dinner conversations, shall we?” Today my favorite theme covers “How to make sure to not talk about the conspiracy theories they don’t like.”
To understand why people believe in conspiracy theories, you need to ask yourself how the human brain decides any piece of information is true.
1. Accept that you probably won’t change their mind.
2. Be kind. That said, if you’re going to try to correct a conspiracy theorist, one important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to ostracize them.
3. Do your homework. Correcting someone’s thinking can work if a piece of misinformation can be replaced with something concrete, Brashier said.
4. Push the objective truth, whenever you can and as early as possible. …This task may be as simple as telling your relations to seek better information…

I won’t get into my thoughts on conspiracy theories, but I will encourage you to question the narrative every. single. day. to counter the constant bull that is thrown at us by the corrupt media. PBS and [“they”] are so afraid of the truth getting out via WOM (Word Of Mouth) that they’re doing anything to coach their minions to stop it. They and most of the media frauds out there are labeling inconvenient truths as “conspiracy theories” and friends, I’ve had enough of it.

So here are my top tips on how to survive the talk on conspiracy theories, if they are to grace your dinner table. First of all, the media is trying to leverage the two words “conspiracy theory” as a condescending label, just as they did with the word “deplorable” and “racist” to shut down any logical debate.  When this happens, and it surely will don’t get mad. Be kind and get even by asking questions — simple as that.

Liberty’s Top 40 Questions To Ask “Conspiracy Theorist” Accusers:

  1. Is the THREE YEAR DEBUNKED RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION now a conspiracy theory?
  2. Why are Federal prosecutors (yes prosecutors) requesting to suspend Flynn’s December court date? And why did Judge Sullivan agree to their request?
  3. What is a 302, and why did Lisa Page admit she changed it?
  4. Why did Strzok say Trump would NEVER be President?
  5. Why did he say “POTUS (OBAMA) WANTS TO KNOW EVERYTHING WE’RE DOING” and btw what do people who shop at Walmart smell like?
  6. Will Flynn’s entire case be dismissed?
  7. If so, that means every bit of the talk on Trump-Russia was illegally fabricated, right?
  8. Why wouldn’t the DNC allow the FBI to inspect the server?
  9. Why is the DNC server in Ukraine?
  10. Why does Assange say no one hacked the DNC server?
  11. What did Seth Rich give Assange before he was murdered?
  12. How about Hunter Biden, does he know a ton about the energy biz? (I guess energy comes from cocaine, and he does a lot of that.)
  13. Why are there lewd paintings of Bill Clinton in Epstein’s Manhattan apartment?
  14. Who cares about how Epstein died?
  15. Why did ABC News spike the Epstein story three years ago?
  16. Why isn’t ABC News coming clean with their story now?
  17. Where did all the money go for Haiti?
  18. Why did Podesta talk about Spirit Cooking?
  19. What’s that, and who does that?
  20. Where’s Weiner’s laptop anyway?
  21. Where is Tony Podesta?
  22. Why did the DNC give Andrew McCabe’s wife $750,000?
  23. Why did donations to the Clinton Foundation drop off abruptly after 2016?
  24. Why do we still not know a motive for Las Vegas?
  25. Who created ISIS?
  26. Who paid for Obama’s college?
  27. Who do you think flew those pallets of cash to Iran for Obama?
  28. Why did the Obama’s buy a seaside property if climate change will cause sea levels to rise in a few years?
  29. Why is PBS so concerned about conspiracy theories if they’re just a LARP?
  30. Who is Q, and if Q is only a conspiracy theory why is the media so worried about it? Just report the news and the facts, right?
  31. Why is ABC News now so concerned that Buzzfeed had the full copy of the Russian Dossier and then leaked it all to provide the FBI with sources for their FISA Warrant Applications?
  32. Why would a billionaire who has it all, fame, fortune, a warm and loving family, friends, want to endanger himself and his family by becoming POTUS?  Why would he want to target himself and those he cares about? Does he need the money? Does he need the fame? What does he get out of this?
  33. Why did Admiral Rogers shut down queries and show up at Trump tower unannounced?
  34. How did Trump know that Trump Tower was wiretapped back in 2017?
  35. Why are Obama’s records sealed?
  36. What is a Pachamama doll and why did Pope Francis frantically retrieve several of them after they’d been thrown into the Tiber River?
  37. What does Ted McCarrick have to do with Teresa Kerry?
  38. Why are there so many sealed indictments right now?
  39. And btw, speaking of conspiracy theories, what is up with all the psycho art displayed at Denver’s International Airport (DIA)? That’s really weird, right? Maybe they’ll change up their theme soon and display that Epstein painting of Bill Clinton in red shoes and a blue dress. Ah heck, Epstein is dead now, I’m sure his estate would lend it out for display.
  40. Hey, will someone please pass me the gizzard? I want to give it to MSNBC and CNN so they can chew on it like a Russian Bot.

Oh, and here’s a conversation you can have at the dinner table:  The WaPo says Obama was a Conservative.  Deep and woke, right?

Right? Can you believe this nonsense? But like PBS tells us, even if some know it is not true, they’ll believe it anyway.

And heck yeah, just as PBS is working on their civil duty of telling all of us how to believe and think and what we’re allowed to say or not allowed to say, their friends at MSNBC are trying to tell us how everything Trump is saying about Ukraine is a conspiracy theory. The entirety of these 13:43 minutes is complete and utter turkey sh*t brought to you by the letters M and S and N and B and C.

Question the narrative folks.  Enjoy the show and Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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