Mock and Daisy’s Daily Video: Trump/DeBlasio Throw-Down and A Meth-Head Break-In…


In today’s episode of Mock and Daisy get-to-work-early-in-the-morning, we brought you today’s EARTH SHATTERING news of Mayor DeBlasio doing what he does best – being a doucheyacht only New Yorkers could love. But wait – they kinda don’t, according to Eric Trump (and AAAAAAAALLL the protesters who showed up at Trump tower to let him know that his city is unsafe and smells a lot like urine (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist).

Also, we cover a story about the woman who broke into a family’s home and decided to do dishes and pet the family dog. Because meth, y’all.

Special guest star? Producer Rob at the 2:30’ish mark. He really loves us shrews. You’ll see.

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Happy Watching!