Bernie Declares Abortion a ‘Constitutional Right’

Hannah Bleau

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The Alabama legislature recently passed a controversial pro-life law, virtually banning all abortions and making performing an abortion a felony. There’s a small exception for preserving or saving the life of the mother.

It passed 25-6, but it’s unclear if Republican Gov. Kay Ivey will sign it into law.

Many 2020 candidates are reacting negatively to the bill, but Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders went far beyond basic criticism and declared that abortion is a “constitutional right.”

Translation: Women have a constitutional right to murder their unborn children.

I’m pretty sure that’s contrary to the basic tenets of the Constitution. Remember what the Founders said in our founding documents? Men and women have certain unalienable Rights, “that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Government’s main role is to PROTECT those rights. Yet here Bernie is, speaking the exact opposite.

I’d say.