Ilhan Omar Plays The Victim, Claims An Attack On Her Is Also An Attack On Muslims, People Of Color, Women And Refugees

Hannah Bleau

WATCH: Ilhan Omar plays the victim saying this to people attacking her

Rep. Ilhan Omar continues to find herself under fiery criticism for her near-constant insensitive remarks about the Jewish people and most recently, 9/11. If you recall, she said “some people did some things.”

Instead of apologizing, she continues to double down.

She recently spoke to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and concluded that GOP attacks on her are actually greater attacks on Muslims, people of color, women and refugees.

“It’s not only an attack on myself but it becomes an attack on all Muslims, and it becomes an attack on women of color, and it becomes an attack on immigrants and refugees,” she said.

She went on to accuse the GOP of trying to use her words– which were CLEARLY misconstrued (according to her)– to divide the country.

“It is time for us to make sure we don’t allow for them to use any misunderstanding there might be to divide us,” she continued. “That we collectively work together against the collective hate that is coming from the right wing and white supremacy.”

She routinely speaks out against Israel and makes light of terrorist organizations, and the GOP is going to continue to talk about it, whether she likes it or not.

h/t Twitchy