Politicians Want to Turn Major Democrat City Into its Own State

Ashley (Kimber)

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Republicans in the state of Illinois are sick and tired of being entirely run over by Chicago Democrats.

As long as Chicago remains the Democrat stronghold it is, Republicans across the rest of the state will never get much of a political voice…

Which is why they want to break up.

A group of state Republican lawmakers recently signed on to legislation proposing the nation’s third-largest city become the 51st state.

My thoughts?

That’s 2 more Democrat Senators… Yikes.

But the move seems to be more symbolic than anything else.

Fox News:

“It’s more of a frustration of the policies than the true belief that Chicago and Illinois would be better off as separate states,” Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer told the State Journal-Register. “I don’t believe that Chicago and the state of Illinois should be separated. Our relationship is mutually beneficial.”

Davidsmeyer said he co-sponsored the legislation to spark a discussion about how the city’s politics impact rural residents in downstate Illinois.

“The reality is the city of Chicago is competing with New York City and L.A. and San Francisco, and (downstate is) competing against rural Indiana and rural Missouri,” he told the State Journal-Register. “The policies that come down from Chicago are actually pushing our economic opportunity away.”

NEWSFLASH: that’s what Democrats do. They don’t care.

The bill, HR0101, was introduced in February by state Rep. Brad Halbrook, who said he supports removing the city of 2.7 million people from Illinois because of differing views on issues such as abortion and gun rights.

“Our traditional family values seem to be under attack at every angle,” Halbrook told the Journal-Register. “We are trying to drive the discussion to get people at the table to say these are not our values down here.”

Part of the bill states that: “Numerous counties in the southern and central parts of Illinois are approving resolutions to become sanctuary counties for gun owners, while the City of Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.”

And that’s CLEARLY working for them, isn’t it?

Halbrook co-sponsored a similar resolution filed last year that failed. This year’s attempt has even less of a chance of succeeding and getting out of the Rules Committee in the Democratic-controlled legislature as Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and the leaders of the state House and Senate are all Democrats from Chicago.

“When you have a large population center that seems to control the agenda for the rest of the state, it just kind of creates some issues,” he told the paper.

Yup. Which is EXACTLY what we keep saying about the electoral college.

So… this is definitely not going to pass, but I do understand the feelings behind it. It must be incredibly frustrating to know that no matter what, city people who don’t give a rat’s about you are going to be making all of the policy that affects your day-to-day.