‘This Is Boring!’ Heckler Interrupts Bill And Hillary Event

Hannah Bleau

WATCH: Hillary Clinton begins speaking tour with 2020 joke

Bill and Hillary Clinton are currently on a 13-city nationwide tour. It officially kicked off November 18th. They’re covering cities like New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, DC, Boston, Seattle and more.

At the time, tickets were listed as high as $750. But then they were spotted on Groupon so…that was awkward.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I don’t know who would spend their hard-earned money to hear Bill and Hillary speak. They don’t have anything to offer. Even people on their side know that they’re always working an angle. They cannot be trusted. Also, Hillary lost to Trump, so why is she even talking? She CLEARLY has no “winning strategy” to offer. But hey– they have to make money somehow! Hence, this speaking tour.

I hear it’s a real snooze.

Thursday night marked the kickoff, in New York City, of their national speaking tour. Billed as “a one-of-a-kind conversation with two individuals who have helped shape our world … [and who offer] remarkable insight into where we go from here,” the event simply underscored why Hillary lost: Over-promise, under-deliver, avoid accountability, and expect the masses to nonetheless be satisfied.

The post’s author spent $210 for a a third-row seat in the balcony. The Clintons talked about riveting subjects such as the two-state solution and Dems losing rural voters– all super boring, non-current stuff.

I wish I were exaggerating. The only current event touched upon was that day’s arrest of Julian Assange — astonishing given the surfeit of recent headlines really worth discussing: Jussie Smollett, race relations and hate crimes; the one-percenters caught up in the college admissions scandal; the push to federally legalize marijuana and reform the criminal justice system; the role of Silicon Valley in curbing, if not eliminating, foreign governments hacking our elections [ahem]; Elizabeth Warren’s call to break up Amazon, Google and Facebook — to say nothing of the 20 or so declared Dem candidates for president.

It sounds like this was the most exciting part of the night. A heckler shouted, “Bill, this is boring!”

Coverage of this snoozefest was typically respectful and anodyne, yet the most exciting moment of the night made little if any news. Not quite halfway through the event, a man in the front row stood up and interrupted.

“Bill, this is boring!” he yelled. As he tried asking his question — “Why don’t you talk about — ” Hillary immediately began talking over him, saying that the “important political conversations” they were trying to have could be difficult, especially when interrupted by such “agent provocateurs.”

“Jeffrey Epstein!” shouted the man.

Oh, the irony.

The heckler was, of course, swiftly hauled away, and the conversation returned to Bill talking about the good old days when he was president, telling such surely apocryphal tales as bringing together two veterans, each missing one leg, and a “formidable” overweight black lesbian activist — the veterans later telling Bill, with tears in their eyes, that they had more in common with this woman than they ever would have thought.

Suffice to say, the tour is boring. Save your money. Not that you would spend your money on their tour, but still. 😉

h/t NYPost


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