Mayor Rahm Emanuel Calls America A ‘Sanctuary Country,’ Just One Problem

Hannah Bleau

WATCH: Look what former acting director of ICE calls sanctuary cities

President Trump has been ruffling the left’s feathers more than ever over this last week. He totally called their bluff by announcing his intentions to dump illegal immigrants in the left’s beloved sanctuary cities– sanctuary cities such as San Francisco.

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One would think that liberals would be all for it. After all, they’re the ones who pride themselves on building “bridges,” not walls. They should welcome illegals with open arms, but they’re not. They’re actually disturbed by Trump’s idea. As it turns out, their whole “compassion” act is just that– an act.

Bingo. If Democrats don’t want illegals dumped in their cities, why are they OK with dumping them ANYWHERE in this country? They love the idea until it affects their own backyard.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is taking a different approach. Trump shouldn’t dump illegals in sanctuary cities specifically, because our WHOLE COUNTRY is a sanctuary, ya know?

We’re not a sanctuary country. Come here with dreams, but do so LEGALLY.

Anyway. It sounds like Emanuel is fine with the Trump administration dumping illegals in Chicago, so there’s that.

h/t Twitchy