President Trump Calls The Left’s Bluff, Says We’ll Send Migrants To Sanctuary Cities And See If Libs Are ‘So Happy’

Hannah Bleau

WATCH: Look what former acting director of ICE calls sanctuary cities

Word has it the Trump administration is examining ~interesting~ ways to make liberals realize that we have a crisis on the southern border that needs to be addressed.

The White House proposed releasing immigrants in liberal-run sanctuary cities like San Francisco.

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We call him the trollmaster for a reason.

The left immediately flipped out. They were all, “OMG you can’t do that! That’s dangerous and hurtful and cruel!” (Julian Castro actually did describe the idea as “cruel.”)

What’s the problem? You guys LOOOOOVE sanctuary cities, so here are a bunch of illegals. Be a sanctuary! Open arms! Bridges not walls!

Fortunately for Democrats, the proposal was rejected by immigration agencies….or was it?

President Trump is doubling down.

Is this truly off the table? I guess we can’t be too sure.

It’s a genius idea. Give Democrats what they claim they want and watch them squirm.


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