Chris Evans Tries To Drag Trump Over Climate Change

Hannah Bleau

I used to have a crush on Chris Evans, but that all changed after I realized he was a total wussy lib. There’s nothing more unattractive than that. (To be fair– maybe I just had a crush on his Captain America character. THAT would make more sense. He’s the polar opposite IRL.)

ANYWAY. Evans is one of those weenie climate change weirdos. He thinks we’re murdering the planet and screwing ourselves over for, you know, existing.

The only consistent thing about the climate is change. It’s been this way FOREVER. There are cooling trends and warming trends. Everything flows. If we’re killing the planet with cars and airplanes, explain the medieval warming period.

Damn those cave fires.

Climate change hysteria is nothing more than the left’s way of expanding government and altering people’s behavior. It’s about control. It always has been. They’ve just done a solid job of cloaking it under “compassion” and “love of the Earth” and “future generations.” Low-fos totally fall for it. Chris Evans is one of those low-fos.

You’re a brainwashed moron. THAT’s the problem here, Chris. Educate yourself. Orrrrrrrrr we could, like, do this:

Now THAT’s #woke.