Danny DeVito’s TDS Rears Its Ugly Head

Hannah Bleau

Oh Danny. Danny, Danny, Danny. Get it together man. Maybe you should stick to M&M commercials…


DeVito recently spoke to The Daily Beast and dropped some pretty absurd statements on Trump and his administration. To be fair, the dude who interview him was EXTREMELY leading in his line of questioning (if we can even CALL it that). It actually sounded more like two butthurt resisters whining over lunch.

For instance, the dude who was “interviewing” DeVito said, “And the situation at the border right now with the immigrant child prison camps is awful.”

Stop. “Immigrant child PRISON camps”? Are you kidding me?

That sparked DeVito’s hysterical response.

“Oh, it’s horrible. They are prison camps. It’s awful,” he said. “They’re little concentration camps. I try to do my part, which is to support progressive candidates who are trying to change the government, and try to be as vocal as I can about it.”

OK….but where were you during Obama’s years? Why wasn’t this a problem then, huh?

Here’s another leading “question.”

“And the Trump administration doesn’t really seem to give a damn about the environment. They certainly don’t believe in climate change.”

We believe the climate changes. You’d be stupid NOT to believe that. Of course the climate changes. The only constant thing about the climate is change. However, we question the “science” and motives behind anthropogenic climate change. Big difference.

Back to DeVito. He responded by saying that the Trumps (and people like them) probably don’t even care about their own grandchildren.

“They’re just making money. They just want to make money. I think they live with the mentality of—there was this old saying, ‘Whoever dies with the most toys wins.’ That mentality is really horrible,” he said. “They don’t care about other people. They probably don’t even care about their own grandchildren.”

You hear that? If you’re not eager to pay a carbon tax, you probably hate you kids and grandkids.

This should probably come to no surprise, but DeVito is a big fan of economically illiterate imbecile Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Well, I’m really excited about Ocasio-Cortez. That was great, man. It was very exciting to see that. The thing about it is, Crowley was in there for ten years, and she beat the machine—and we know that because of what happened with Bernie,” he said.

Ugh. You’re dumb.

#SorryNotSorry, Danny. I call it like I see it.

h/t Breitbart