The Hill REALLY Dropped The Ball With This Tweet…

Hannah Bleau

The left is constantly accusing our side of being racist. Because of that, the word has lost all meaning. We’ve gone over the Actual Definition a million times over, but that doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. They don’t listen. They just scream, “RACIST!” and wait for the low information voters to eat it up.

In reality, THEY are the ones obsessed with race. Generally speaking, when a conservative meets a person, they don’t automatically note their race and make assumptions based on that factor. Liberals, however, do. When they meet a person, they automatically note their race and ASSUME that they know all about them based on that and that alone. That’s why they’re so perplexed by conservative minorities. They’re THINKING for themselves? How can that be? That messes with their entire way of thinking and categorizing!

It’s not just angry leftists who do this. MSM does it too. Look at this tweet from The Hill.

Two things:

1.) He has a name. Tim Scott.
2.) People can OBVIOUSLY see that he’s black from the picture. Why did The Hill feel the need to explicitly state that?

Well, race first. You know.

Wouldn’t it though?