Steelers Fan Put On A Uniform And Successfully Snuck On The Field To ‘Practice’ With The Team

Hannah Bleau

I love going to football training camps. I’ve been to the New England Patriots training camp twice, and it was RAD. There are SO MANY PEOPLE there, but if you get there early enough, you can get good seats right by the sideline of the practice field and watch them go.

I may or may not have creepy videos of Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and at the time, Jimmy Garoppolo on my phone.

Alright, alright. I admit it. I was a total creeper.

I hear Jimmy’s into dating porn stars much older than him (Kiara Mia is 41, he’s 26), so it looks like it’s not going to work out after all.

MOVING ON. Training camps. They’re fun. If you’re into football and haven’t been to one before, I highly encourage it. Plus, it’s free. It’s just cool, because you’re right in the thick of it. Like, you could totally accidentally get smacked in the face with a football. Heck, you could probably even sneak onto the field and practice with the team.

That actually happened. Somehow, a Steelers fan managed to sneak past security (he was wearing a uniform with similar colors, so that obviously helped) and practiced with the team on the field for a short period of time.

From the Daily Mail:

Players flagged the impostor after noticing that his outfit – yellow football pants and a yellow jersey – bared little resemblance to the team’s practice uniforms.

He was also wearing number 43, which hasn’t been issued since former player Troy Polamalu’s retirement in 2015.

Before being escorted off the field at Saint Vincent College, the man participated in a few stretching drills and was seen talking to Steelers star Antonio Brown, who later joked the fan wanted to ‘check him’.

I don’t condone what he did, but it’s HILARIOUS that he actually got to participate in stretching drills without anyone really noticing.


By the way– my mom and I always joke about how we will one day– SOMEHOW– become part of the Pats’ End Zone Militia.

Seriously guys. It’s one of my life goals. I want to dress up as an old school patriot and shoot a fake musket in the end zone. If you have connections, HMU.