UK Court Rejects Parents’ Appeal To Save Their Terminally Ill Child

Hannah Bleau

It’s like Charlie Gard all over again.

Meet sweet Alfie Evans.

He’s a terminally ill toddler in the UK. According to reports, he’s in a “‘semi-vegetative state’ and has a degenerative neurological condition doctors had not definitively diagnosed.”

The hospital in Liverpool has given up on him. They want to pull the plug, but his parents are begging to save him. In fact, they found a way out. Alfie was granted Italian citizenship on Monday, meaning he could be transferred to a hospital in Rome and receive new treatment. The doctors there are more than willing to do so.

However, a stupid High Court judge decided to crush their hopes. The judge instructed doctors to stop treating Alfie.

The Italian Foreign Ministry said it hoped the decision would allow for the toddler’s ‘immediate transfer’ to a hospital where Alfie’s father Tom Evans, 21, and mother Kate James, 20, say doctors are willing to treat him.

But a High Court judge last night dismissed a last-ditch appeal by Alfie’s parents to delay and mount a further challenge, as Mr Justice Hayden gave doctors the go-ahead to stop treatment and said Alfie still came under the jurisdiction of British courts.

It came as protesters gathered outside the hospital and tried to storm the building, forcing police to guard the entrance before Mr Evans told supporters a withdrawal of life support could be regarded as murder.

Can you believe that? A judge instructing doctors to stop treating your child? Unbelievable. There’s a by-product of big government for you.

Last night barrister Paul Diamond, who represents the couple, told the judge that Alfie had been granted Italian citizenship on Monday, saying there was now an ‘international relations element’ to the case.

But Mr Justice Hayden dismissed Mr Diamond’s application, saying it amounted to a ‘last-ditch appeal’ and said Alfie was a British citizen and ‘habitually resident in the UK’, meaning the High Court had jurisdiction.

Doctors in Liverpool have said the flight to Italy would be too difficult for him and UK courts, including the Supreme Court, have upheld their decision. Yesterday morning the European Court of Human Rights refused to intervene in the case.

Speaking outside the hospital yesterday evening, Mr Evans: ‘I’m stood here now and Alfie is still here. Why? Because I’m still fighting for him, I’m still fighting and so is Alfie. I have been in touch with the Ambassador of Italy. My son belongs to Italy. I love Alfie and I love Kate, I will not give up.’

They shouldn’t have that decision made FOR them. They shouldn’t HAVE to give up.

The hospital wasted no time to take him off life support.

“He is needing oxygen but the hospital won’t give him any,” Alfie’s father said. “I don’t know what to do. He’s not suffering. He is losing his color and his fingers are going slowly blue but he is able to sustain his life.”

“He needs to be oxygenated and they won’t oxygenate him,” he added. “All he needs is some oxygen. He is starting to need oxygen and the hospital are refusing to give him that.”

I can’t even imagine that. This feels like a state ordered killing. HONESTLY.

Prayers going up for this family and sweet Alfie. They shouldn’t have to go through this.

h/t Daily Mail

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