Joe Rogan’s Description of Trudeau, Border Nonsense, And Democrat LIIIIIIEEES.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Joe Rogan took the words right outta our mouths, y’all.  Hide yo kids, hide yo wives.

Also, the border is a COMPLETE mess thanks to Biden making it a porous screen door that’s wide open to criminals, terrorists, and oh yeah – deadly drugs that are killing Americans at a record pace.  But give them some credit, folks – this administration has found some baby formula (that’s NOWHERE TO BE FOUND IN OUR COUNTRY for AMERICAN babies, mind you) for those illegal children crossing the border ILLEEEEEEGALLY.  We gotta take care of the illegals, dontchaknow.

Screw the American taxpayer.  << That should be Biden’s 2024 campaign slogan. (Your abortion distraction isn’t fooling anyone with actual brains, Joe and Jen.)

And we all know now that despite what the “Ministry of Truth” says, the crack pipes WERE given out by this administration.  Even though the Fact-Checkers they had on their side attempted to shut all of us “conspiracy theorists” down for saying, you know, the truth.

Vote these commies OUT, everyone, and get America back.


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