Watch Biden’s Economic Adviser Spin The CRAP Out Of BIDEN’S Inflation

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

It’s remarkable how she can say this unbelievable bullcrap with a straight face. Behold the garbage spewing from her face:

There are dumb people who actually buy what this lady is selling. No matter that Biden campaigned on destroying our energy industry. No matter that he said inflation was traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansitory just a few months ago. And no matter that he’s now, after trying to blame it on Putin’s warmongering, he’s now trying to push blame on ultra-MAGA folks.

This administration is unbelievable. And my $80 tank of gas yesterday doesn’t care about your “effective strategy,” lady. It’s as effective as how all of you want to staple my money to the clouds.

Your. Policies. Don’t. WORK.

Democrats are useless, and liberalism is a mental disorder. I am so sick of seeing my hard-earned money being set on fire because of THEIR stupidity and ineptness.

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