Video: Biden Appears To Check Watch During Dignified Transfer Of Soldiers Killed In Kabul

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

During the dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base today, where families received the bodies of the soldiers who were killed in Kabul, President Joe Biden had the audacity to check his watch. As though he as someplace better to be. As though he’s ready for this to be over.

He tried to be surreptitious about it, sneaking a glance while changing position from having his hand on his heart. But that doesn’t make it any less disrespectful.

This man, whose incompetence just caused the death of 14 US soldiers and almost 200 civilians, apparently can’t be bothered to pretend like he cares, even if it’s just for 20 minutes for the camera.

And I understand that some may think this is insignificant. But he can manage not to check the time while he’s literally in the middle of receiving the dead bodies of soldiers whose deaths he facilitated. It takes however long it takes. He has nowhere better to be than standing right there, receiving those soldiers. He should show respect, even if he really wonders how many more minutes he’s going to have to stand there, or how many minutes he’s already been standing there, or how many more minutes until his next snack.

Look, I get it, Joe. You’re anxious to take your nap. Those 33 seconds while you were talking with the Israeli Prime Minister just wasn’t enough. But at least have the decency to pretend like you care, if only for the families of the people who lost their soldiers because of the ineptitude of you and your administration.

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