Watch: Biden Appears to Fall Asleep During Important Meeting with Foreign Head of Government — CNN ‘Fact-Checker’ Rushes to His Rescue

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, the leader of the free world, appeared to fall asleep in his chair in front of the press while the Israeli Prime Minister was talking to him.

Leftists at CNN are rushing to Biden’s defense after speculation has spread across social media that Biden appeared to be sleeping during an important meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

For about 33 seconds, our demented geriatric President fell asleep in the middle of a press-televised meeting with a foreign leader, during a major international crisis of his own making.

The footage has sparked massive speculation that he’d “fallen asleep.”

Even a few Republican members of Congress got this impression, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Banks and Lauren Boebert:

If Biden isn’t sleeping, as CNN’s Daniel Dale claims, he is certainly disengaged during this part of the important meeting.

Here’s the full 11 minute clip from C-SPAN, in case you (like Biden’s supporters) think this clip is “deceptively edited.”

This comes just days after his own ineptitude and epic leadership failures, and those of his administration and appointed officials, led to an historically devastating and deadly catastrophe in Afghanistan.

In his defense, if I were a demented geriatric who had messed up as many things as Biden has in the last few months, weeks, and days, I’d want to close my eyes as well.

CNN “fact-checker” Daniel Dale wasn’t happy with this speculation.

Dale wrote to Twitter, “This ‘Biden asleep’ stuff is nonsense. Full vid … shows: 1) Biden talking; 2) Biden looking at Bennett; 3) Biden looking downward, his hands moving, starting right when Bennett mentioned this week’s ‘difficult days’; 4) Biden immediately replying to Bennett.”

Dale retweeted a Washington Post colleague who agreed with him.

Here’s the footage that Dale claims is important, showing Biden’s fingers moving and his response to Bennett:

However, Biden’s critics still claim his behavior is not normal or appropriate for this meeting due to the lack of engagement:

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