News The Media Forgot, Like Pelosi’s Laptop

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Of the many things that were news for a second and then forgotten, because the media focuses on really important things like writing about how they can’t stop writing about Andrew Yang (no, I’m not joking, unfortunately), Nancy Pelosi’s missing laptop makes the list.

We were assured that no one was concerned. After all, the laptop was simply used for presentations so the thief walked away with nothing, you hear, NOTHING! Which is funny because a few days ago, twelve FBI agents raided an Alaska home to retrieve the laptop. It’s even funnier because they raided the wrong home and retrieved nothing. I’m sorry, is this an episode of ‘Dr. Who’ we’re living in?

Marilyn Hueber, who was mistakenly accused of taking the laptop, sounds like the coolest broad in Homer, Alaska because she calmly pointed out how she differed from the photographed woman who lead the FBI to her door, and she was able to simply laugh when they asked who she was working with. I feel like I would have had a smartass remark up my sleeve but who knows, maybe I would have been able to be an adult in that moment.

The FBI won’t officially comment, but Marilyn is happy to recount the story in all of its glory.

When I read this story I realized I’d forgotten all about Nancy’s laptop, and I wondered what else I might be missing. Or, more aptly, what else the media thought I should pay attention to and what it thought I should ignore.

Not mentioned in the news – Akron, Ohio has a crime rate higher than 93.7% of other U.S. cities. Mentioned liberally in the news – Erika Weems, a black woman, was killed in her Ohio home six months ago and there are still no leads. Her friends don’t want her to be “Just another black woman killed in her home.” LeBron James has made a public plea seeking information and the Cleveland Cavaliers have offered a reward for more information. Maybe addressing this specific case will bring attention to the first point, but I doubt it.

Trending this week – Biden is likely wearing his mask out of habit. No one asked, but now we now why he was sitting through zoom meetings with world leaders, socially distanced as much as any one person could ever be, and still wearing a mask. Interesting news that I think SHOULD be news, but isn’t – A BLM activist and juror in the Derek Chauvin trial recently did an interview where he describes jury duty as an avenue for activism. I’d like to hear more about this, but doubt I will.

I want to hear about the migrants being smuggled in trailers. I want smart financial investments for adults. I want to know the damage social media is doing to kids and how to prevent it. The media thinks I want to know about the struggles of former teen pop stars. I care more about the technological developments made in root canals than former teen stars. I would rather watch grass grow, and then cut said grass by hand with a pair of dollar store scissors than read about the so-called struggles of any former celebrity anything.

You’d think the media would tire of losing viewers and ratings, but I can’t tell if I’m in the minority by expecting them to cover interesting, valuable news, or if they just have an endless amount of money to throw at pointless pursuits. At this point I just hope Trump buys CNN so they have to work for him. I might be tempted to tune in to Brian Stelter just to see the orange man logo covering half of the screen. If the news is going to be useless, I may as well be entertained.

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