Pew Study Suggests Over 50% Of Young White Liberal Women Have Mental Illness

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Have you seen this study? 


If you want to hear Bill Whittle break it down, which he does very well, then by all means, take a listen.

But if you don’t have a spare 17+ minutes, take a look at the link for all the specifics.  Or just feast your eyes on a couple of these graphs. From the sourcelink:

And Zach Goldberg offers this observation:

THIS IS AMAZING and explains so much.  You know the old saying, “Liberalism is a mental disorder?”  Welp, here’s some pretty powerful evidence.

I’m the mom of a 15 year old high school freshman.  Never were the results of this study more obvious to me than when he began his 7th grade year, and started interacting with the young girls in his class.  He had a lovely girlfriend that year – beautiful, smart, engaging, talented in myriad ways, but unfortunately plagued by self-doubt, insecurity, anxiety, depression, etc. It was both a blessing and a curse in the end – a blessing for him that his first experience with love was with a girl who I adored and whose family I adored, but also a curse because as he told me once their romance fizzled (as most relationships at that tender age do), he wasn’t particularly interested in seeking out a new relationship. “Mom,” he said, “all the girls in my school are just too much drama.” And overwhelmingly, the girls he meant – the ones whose instagram accounts he’d show me – were the ones who posted the social justice messages/memes.  The ones who jumped aboard the “cause” trains.  The ones who constantly posted about body positivity or LGBTQ issues or black lives matter stories or anti-Trump propaganda.

He’s a freshman now, and although he and his more moderate and conservative friends are very interested in girls and their hormones are raging as you’d expect with teen boys, they’d just as soon not deal with the drama.

My point is – this starts even earlier than 18.  🙂

As John Nolte pointed out in his Breitbart piece a couple weeks ago (and as Bill Whittle discusses in the video above), the wonderful, utopian fantasy world that leftists pine for – the kind of place where people of diverse colors and backgrounds live in unity, where there is crime only rarely, where there is little to no gun violence, etc. ALREADY EXISTS.  It exists in red America, away from Democrat strongholds, away from elitist arrogant leftists who are the worst offenders of the behaviors they claim to want to eradicate.

At some point, if they weren’t so mentally and emotionally fragile (as now the SCIENCE suggests), they might realize that what they are searching for already exists.  Most conservatives know this, which is why science also has suggested for years that conservatives are generally much happier than liberals.

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Liberalism is a mental disorder.  Just follow the science.