There Is Bigotry In Having Low Expectations For Minorities

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I see that the ugly lies that math, timeliness, and successful life habits are systems of racism and whiteness are circulating again, so I just want to clear some things up…If you think your black neighbors and friends are incapable of doing math, being on time, or being successful in life, YOU are racist. Moreover, if you don’t actually know any black people, and you think you’re helping the hypothetical black teen by working to rid their lives of standards, you’re dumb as hell and your bigotry is showing.

You know what math provides? Financial independence. Imagine not knowing how to balance your checkbook because your leftist teacher with no friends and ever-changing morals convinced you that math is a system of whiteness. When you don’t know how to invest stocks, pay off credit cards, or take out a business loan and you’re poor for life, at least you can sit in your run-down, ghetto house and be thankful you were saved from whiteness.

Let’s not correct speech or expect black children to use English properly because it’s their culture? Newsflash, it’s not black culture, it’s hip hop culture and entertainment. Artists and athletes are notoriously stupid. Like, holy hell, that boy is STEW-PID! There’s no reason to shape our lives around them and the images they’ve concocted. They sing about living in the streets, from their homes in L.A. We’ve got kids who can’t get jobs because they’re dressed like the losers the emulate, meanwhile these entertainers pay a stylist to pick out these “street” clothes because they know how to influence society. They’re spending $1,000 on sneakers because they have money to burn (or at least they think they do), or they have them on loan so they can promote a new product, while kids are spending $1,000 on the same sneakers because some idiot told them it was their culture. Congratulations, now you’re poor again. Must be those damned racists!

Do you know what happens to people who don’t speak well? They don’t spell well, they don’t write correctly, and they do poorly in school. When you do poorly in school it’s harder to find a job. Not that anyone wants to hire someone to deal with their customers if the potential employee can’t dress well, speak well, or do math. I certainly wouldn’t, keep walking homie!

These people are set up for failure. And progressives want to convince them that it’s all the fault of the system. Meanwhile, progressives have created the very systems that they say are keeping minorities down with low expectations and indoctrination. Overzealous leftists control education, media, social media, and entertainment. And racist conservatives are standing in the way of success? Sweet eight-pound baby Jesus in a manger, I don’t think so.

This is delusional. Kinda like how voter ID is racist but vaccine passports aren’t, even though minorities are very underrepresented in vaccination numbers…Is Helen Keller writing the narrative around here or are we just picking out of a hat? I guess it doesn’t have to make sense as long as it’s said on the news and social media enough. If it’s “Facebook official” then it’s true.

Look, if you’re a teacher, do yourself a favor and think about the lessons you want your children to learn and what you want them to strive for in life. Have some standards! You don’t train a puppy by telling it it’s incapable of learning to pee outside. You don’t raise kids by telling them the obstacles in the living room will prevent them from walking easily so they shouldn’t even try. If you’re teaching white kids to have white guilt and acknowledge white privilege you’re worse than dumb, you’re damaging. If you’re teaching black kids that they will never be successful in life and that they shouldn’t be expected to achieve the same goals as their classmates, you simply shouldn’t be a teacher. Or a parent. Or a friend.

Honestly, adopt a cat, because it will teach itself to use the bathroom and you can’t be trusted with a puppy, and get a job online where you don’t have to deal with people. The world would be a better place if the self-righteous among us would simply shut up for bit and stop trying to “help”.

In case leftists are reading this and it’s unclear, BLACK PEOPLE CAN DO MATH. I know, it’s crazy, but we really can. You know what else? We can freaking read. And spell (though autocorrect does not like those of us with large hands and will often try to make us look like morons). How about we encourage progressives to let go of their “good racism” because there is no good form of racism, and actually value character over race? How about we try telling EVERY kid we come across, regardless of skin color, that they can be a CEO if they want to be. An entrepreneur, an inventor, the President.

I bet we end up with a lot more CEO’s, inventors, and entrepreneurs, and far less keyboard warriors complaining about how they will never win a race that they’re not even running.

And please tell your “good racist” friends, that good racism doesn’t exist. They’re just racist. And that’s bad. Yeah, who’s the white supremacist now??

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