Stop Letting Selfish Libs Call You Names, They Do NOT Have The Moral High Ground

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The Left has spent years accusing the Right of questionable intelligence and morals. They mistakenly state that studies show conservative values are based on fear and anxiety. I find this last point especially amusing since it was the left that coined terms like “micro-aggression” and “safe space”, and they claim victimhood status like it’s the last roll of toilet paper in the grocery store.

Now I’m no scientist, but it seems like these studies are missing a fair bit of context. If you look at the state of affairs today, there’s a clear delineation between the behavior and priorities of liberals and that of conservatives.

Liberals promote ideas that sound good in theory but are pure shyte in practice. They only seem to care about people when there’s someone else around to give them praise for it, and their convictions often disappear when they’re asked to put them into action. They want to implement policies that they don’t follow themselves, and they want to punish you for failing to adhere to their demands.

I have friends and family who are liberal and I love them dearly. But liberals in general are assholes.

Some of them are very nice, well-intentioned assholes. Still holes.

You can lie with statistics (it’s an actual life skill these days) or create a study to prove any predetermined hypothesis, but the truth is in the policies and the actions each side promotes.

Liberals claim to be pro-choice, because it sounds nicer than pro-death, but do not care about giving equal attention to pro-life resources. They’re not pro-choice, they’re anti-consequence. “My body, my choice (unless, of course, you want to have the baby, and then it’s all about HIS wallet forking over child support). Neither the life of the baby nor the mental health of the mother is relevant to abortion supporters. It’s not a moral or sympathetic position, it’s a selfish one. Whether you see abortion as a necessary evil or an unnecessary one, you wouldn’t be dancing in the streets to celebrate abortion rights being granted up through the birth of a child if you thought about all of the people involved and what the legislation actually meant instead of simply getting a legal win.

Liberals support a mandatory minimum wage. It doesn’t matter that evidence shows such legislation would force small businesses to stop operating while larger businesses lay off workers and invest in technological assistance. It doesn’t matter that while decimating the economy, the cost of living will rise to accommodate a wage hike and then essentially nothing will have changed. They just care about saying they passed legislation for the little guy. It doesn’t matter that Democrats proposed a universal minimum wage decades ago to try to keep blacks and women out of entry-level jobs, restricting their ability to succeed in the workforce (this is the history they don’t like to talk about, but it’s very easy to verify). Let’s ignore the fact that it will accomplish the same now. When black and women unemployment rates are at an all-time high, will they just blame Trump? He probably caused the toilet paper shortage too.

Liberals want to forgive student loan debt. This is one of my favorite selfish positions because there’s no way to argue it as anything BUT selfish. If you take out a loan for a $40,000 a year out-of-state school, and take a major with a low job-placement rate, and think other people should pay for your useless education, you’re an idiot.

Oh no, Ksenya, that’s harsh! No, it’s not harsh enough. You made poor life decisions. Work your way out of them instead of making additional, selfish poor decisions. It’s not “free” college, it’s “get someone else to pay for it” college. And that’s the definition of selfishness.

There’s no reason that students who fought hard to earn scholarships, people who picked legitimate majors instead of getting a PhD in “Interpretive Lesbian Repurposing Art”, those who attended trade schools to learn a valuable skill, or others who went to school part-time while working full-time should pay any portion of your debt.

That’s like asking the table next to yours at the restaurant to pay your bill because the steak was too expensive. What a twat. Don’t order the steak, call your mummy to pay over the phone, or work it off in the kitchen and I bet you’ll learn not to do things you can’t afford in the future.

Liberals used to tout their self-sacrifice, but the mask is slipping. Literally. Because they’re now wearing three at a time.

It’s the liberal teacher’s unions who’re refusing to return to school in the Fall until all the students are vaccinated while conservatives are asking, “What about the high-risk kids stuck in abusive or neglectful homes?”

Liberals are shouting “Black Lives Matter” while spray-painting walls, lighting fires, and breaking store windows in black neighborhoods. Dozens of blacks were killed or injured in riots over the summer, but they will shut your business down if you don’t post the logo of an organization that’s donated zero of its millions to the black community.

Many businesses refuse to rebuild in the communities that were targeted. Great job. Besides being plagued with plummeting property values, these lower-income families now have to pay twice as much for supplies in their own community or travel (if they can) to get them.

Liberals want to defund police departments, despite minorities in inner cities begging for a high police presence. Annihilating law enforcement will disproportionately affect the poor and disadvantaged. Most of the people petitioning for this live in affluent neighborhoods and will not be affected by the rise in crime, but they will once again pat themselves on the back in self-righteousness. Job well done.

I posted on my social media account when Obama built the cages on the border. Not a single one of my liberal friends commented. They were certainly opinionated during the Trump administration though! They wouldn’t shut up about it.

My conservative friends are the only ones who share my posts on ending human trafficking. Apparently, since Trump was for it liberals MUST be against it. That sounds like something that a person with a skewed moral compass might think.

If there are no virtue signaling points to be earned, you’ll rarely see a liberal around.

It’s no wonder that CNN has contracts for every waiting room and school and, until recently, airports. If people had a choice, they’d never tune into that drivel. No, we allow institutions to slowly indoctrinate our citizens over the course of their lives. By the time young adulthood is reached, a good portion of our society doesn’t know how to feel about current events until Van Jones cries on-air or Brian Stelter gets a titty quiver (that’s an estrogen joke, not a fat joke, he has man boobs).

When left alone to their own devices, conservatives outpace liberals with charitable donations. Liberals definitely carry the torch for expensive and ineffective welfare programs. You know, the ones that have been destroying communities since they were put into place. And we’ve let them get away with saying they care more about people than we do. It’s nonsense. Pure BS.

I’d worry about offending the libs, but they haven’t made it this far. Most of them are completely closed off to new ideas or any information that offends their delicate sense of reality. Selfish people tend to be like that. IF they read this article at all, they likely clicked away by the time I mentioned abortion. I’m just a brainwashed Uncle Tom at this point, and they know what’s better for me than I do.

But moderate liberals are interested in discovering the truth, and these are the people that conservatives have a chance at reaching. We can’t be afraid to engage our moderate friends in conversation and suggest that they check out a podcast or read a new article.

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Genuinely good people actually want to hear the truth. Enough with assuming that “common sense will prevail.” No one has common sense these days; that’s simply a lost cause. Conservatives must make a valiant effort to spread the truth about conservatism and expose the truth about liberalism.

So the next time a liberal calls you a racist/misogynist/homophobe that hates old people, turn it right back around on them. It’s time to take them to task for their racist policies and for their despicable treatment of women.

Ask them to explain why they support policies that are bad for minority communities. Ask them to explain what policies of Biden’s they support, instead of what they dislike about Trump. And ask them to explain how any of their stupid little ideas have worked out in the past.

You probably shouldn’t stay their ideas are stupid and little out-loud…

When they have to answer questions about their ideology, most liberals resort to name calling or invoking Trump because they have nothing else to say. We have to make them see that their arguments are just razzle-dazzle topped with emotions. And poo-flavored sprinkles. Their ideas are pretty terrible.

Do conservatives have all the right answers? I’d like to say yes, but no, probably not. The “right” answer for the country probably consists of moderate individuals from both sides coming together to balance each other out.

We’re in a bit of a stalemate where the Right is willing to compromise and listen whereas the Left just wants to get you fired.

The country can’t afford for half of its citizens to sit still and be chastised and demonized by the Left.

Conservatives hold the moral high ground on many policies, and have for a long time. It’s time to shout it from the rooftops and hold leftist feet to the fire.

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