Southwest Airlines Pilot Goes On Anti-Liberal Rant

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Southwest Airlines has always been my preferred airline. Now, they have solidified that spot in my mind after a Southwest pilot went on an anti-liberal rant.


From The Hill:

A Southwest Airlines pilot’s recorded rant about Bay Area residents quickly went viral online this week, with the pilot at one point calling those who live in San Francisco “goddamn liberal f—s.” 

A Southwest spokesman confirmed to The Hill Thursday night that the audio was captured on one of the company’s flights and that the pilot worked for Southwest.

The spokesman added that the company was “fully addressing the situation internally.”

The pilot, whom Southwest has not publicly identified by name, can be heard in the recording beginning to complain about San Francisco residents amid directions from air traffic controllers on weather and runway conditions.

F— this place, goddamn liberal f—s,” he said, before he was interrupted by an air traffic professional.

He later continues his rant, saying, “F—ing weirdos, probably driving around in f—ing Hyundais, f—ing roads and shit that go slow as f—.” 

You don’t have balls unless you’re f—ing rolling coal, man, goddamn it,” he added. 

In all seriousness, I understand the pilot’s frustration with liberals, but this was a huge mistake and quite unprofessional. Hopefully the airline shows him a little grace though and he doesn’t lose his job over his stupid, hot mic moment.