The Woman Shot And Killed During The Chaos Today Has Been Identified.

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You’ve probably all seen the many videos of the shooting of the woman trying to bust through an internal window of the Capitol today.  She died a few hours ago, and has now been identified.  According to this,

The woman who was shot and killed inside the US Capitol during the protests was from the San Diego area.

KUSI News has spoken with her husband.

The woman is Ashli Babbit, a 14-year veteran, who served four tours with the US Air Force, and was a high level security official throughout her time in service.

Her husband says she was a strong supporter of President Trump, and was a great patriot to all who knew her.


So let’s dispense with the notion that it was only Antifa trying to LOOK like Trump supporters who infiltrated the Capitol. There were plenty of Trump supporters who took part. I hate that a 14 year vet of the military died in this way. I hate everything that happened today. But this isn’t something we can pin on “the other side” and it’s not something that we should be celebrating as some sort of win. Nothing good comes from what happened today. A woman died. Her behavior didn’t warrant a death sentence. But conservatives either believe and law and order or we don’t. We don’t get to pick and choose when we believe in it.

I’m sad and horrified about today. I’m horrified that the social media giants are censoring Trump and in fact in Facebook’s case, they’re going so far as to stop allowing photos and videos from the events of today by anyone. Our country is transforming in a way that’s truly terrifying.

The massive rally in DC today was well-intentioned and thousands upon thousands of patriots gathered to make their voices heard. It only takes a handful of bad actors – people on BOTH sides of the spectrum – to ruin that for everyone. And that’s what happened today.

Tragically, it resulted in the death of a veteran. Was it worth it?

And don’t even get me started on the blatant hypocrisy of how today was covered by the media versus how they covered the many BLM/Antifa protests.  That would take me all night.  And it’s one of the reasons that people have been so angry.  So what’s their answer?  Double down.  Triple down.  Censor more.  Blame Trump more.  They’ll never learn.

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I have no answers, y’all.  I’m as frustrated and angry and sad as I know most of you are.  But what happened today was NOT THE ANSWER.  It will not help.  It will result in more of our freedoms lost, especially now that Democrats control the full Congress.