Leftists Asking For Civil War Have NO Idea What That Really Looks Like, Chill Dude

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Funny. I’d planned to write on the threat of a “Civil War” in a few days. I had NO idea that January 6th was going to turn into some sort of violent showdown that gave us a glimpse of one. The facts are hard to come by–it’s literally going down RIGHT NOW–and I like to wait for all of the facts before forming an opinion.

I’m not saying these will all turn out to be Antifa plants. EVEN THOUGH there’s a tweet circulating asking Antifa “comrades” to dress as patriots and Trump supporters. And EVEN THOUGH some of the crazies storming the Capitol building are skinny, shirtless weirdos taking selfies in their Viking hats (yeah, that sounds like what a male feminist THINKS a patriot is…), or sporting hammer and sickle tattoos. I have my suspicions about what’s going down, but only time will tell. Either way, if you have one million people gathered and 100 get together to cause a disturbance, it in no way represents the group as a whole.

I’m hoping this situation is contained and does not continue to escalate, but what I must acknowledge is that people on the left have been talking about a Civil War or a Revolution for years now. Not just talking about it, but preparing, training, and threatening with it.

I will admit that the Antifa training videos provide for quality entertainment if you can get past all of the safety violations and useless moves. But just because they look like they can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take them seriously. These people are Delusional with a capital D. They don’t know their balls from the barrel of a gun, playing pretend with both in a world they don’t understand.

The left is emboldened because they’ve convinced themselves that the factions and institutions that they have control over are actually relevant. Education, entertainment, and social media may all have a hand in influencing society, but none of these institutions are relevant when it comes to actually fighting for your way of life.

Conservatives want to be left alone, they want their country to be left alone. They want to be able to depend on common sense and the rule of law. Conservatives are not weak, and they are not incapable. They are simply willing to rely on the Constitution and the rule of law to prevail in the long run.

When your game plan involves packing the courts and preventing transparency with the election, all those folks who are willing to kindly wait at home for the law to prevail while they clean their guns are suddenly a lot less settled.

Antifa may have been training for four years (though it only looks like 4 days), but you’re talking about going against hunters, law enforcement, military, farmers, and more. These are people who actually LIVE real life, and understand it in a way leftists can only pretend to.

Having control over the universities is not going to matter. Your idea of a revolution may start in the classroom, but it won’t be fought there. Nor will war make its way to the lot of Hollywood Studios. These leftists feminists, man-babies, and brainwashed, unwashed teenaged children only think they want to fight a civil war.

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Threatening these people who grew up with guns while you’re struggling to reload yours in under five minutes is the epitome of leftism. Threatening to take away capitalism while people are using it to feed their families while you and your six roommates are just hoping to be able to quit your barista jobs to have more time for video games is the epitome of leftism.

Are some leftists generally good people who work hard and want the best for everyone, thinking a revolutionary change in the country is the only way? Yes. But they are also dumb and severely misguided. I have friends who are leftists, and I love them, but damn, people. Please put down the Kool-aid.

Revolution is only a good idea to those who’ve never lived through one or studied them. Civil War destroys people on BOTH sides. It always does. Please stop making threats you don’t understand and are also unprepared to carry out. One day a bunch of people are going to show up to the party you invited them to, the one you set the rules for by attacking adults and kids in the streets and at their homes, while destroying businesses and breaking laws.

I don’t know how you can’t possibly know this, but you can’t win. Even if conservatives win, we all lose. So cut the sh*t out and grow up. Get a job and start living like an adult. Leave your bubble and start seeing how the other side lives. From the threats that I’m seeing thrown around so casually, leftists have no idea what’s really going on in the world or who their conservative neighbors really are.

I’m going to optimistically assume that the insanity of January 6th will get under control and we’ll be back at our normal tense state of opposition instead of whatever this madness is, in which case the conversation needs to be had. Leftists who are calling for a Revolution need to be slapped in the face or doused with ice water. Conservatives who encounter people like this need to take a deep breath and treat them like a toddler who just said he wants to be king of the world or he’s going to throw himself from a bridge.

The poor little guy just doesn’t know any better. Take a second and try to talk him down from the ledge. Whatever you do, don’t tackle him and send both of you over the edge.

It would be nice to hear from our President at this time and share his message, but about five minutes after he posted a video asking people not to be violent, Twitter censored Trump’s video for inciting violence. Okay. Excuse my language, but they’re diiiicks.