The Chicks Are Back!

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Did y’all see our surprise pop-up video from last week when I was at my inlaws’ in GA and Daisy was in TX? If you missed it, you missed out on hilarious technical difficulties that had me disappearing for a few minutes, and then us BOTH disappearing for a couple minutes, and then returning, and y’all – the live viewers were still there having a big fat party without us.  And we had no idea until we returned.  It was awesome.

We tried to do another video this past Saturday morning, but it was an epic failure technology-wise. There were sound issues, which persisted until this morning when we finally got things sorted out and we were back in action.  I’m not at the station this morning, because I took an extra day off, so that’s why my background is different (it’s at my house!)

Anyway, as you’ll hear if you listen to the 2nd video, Daisy has to go on an Important Business Trip on Wednesday, so there will only be a video today and tomorrow this week, UNTIL this weekend, at which point we plan to do another one – we’re just not sure what day yet.  We’ll keep ya posted.  Meantime, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I’ll be back on the air with Rob starting tomorrow so please tune in from 9-11am ET on 93WIBC!  And Daisy and I will be recording another weekly podcast episode which will come out on Wednesday also.