CNN Contributor Points Out Blatant Hypocrisy Surrounding Coverage Of Stacey Abrams VS President Trump’s Refusals To Concede

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The liberal media is chock-full of hypocrisy. But their coverage of Stacey Abrams contrasted with their coverage of President Trump is a prime example, as CNN accidentally proved on air in an awkward and telling exchange.

Speaking of President Trump’s refusal to concede the race to Joe Biden due to highly contested election results, as well as the resulting pro-Trump marches and rallies, Mary Katharine Ham calls out the media bias by saying,

“the strategy might be a sort of contemporaneous example in Stacey Abrams because he sees there are great accolades and attention and appetite for somebody who does not concede an election as she did not in Georgia for the governorship for two years, and she has got feted by media and everybody.”

“I also am not a huge fan of the game where we selectively shame one side or the other for exercising their political rights to free assembly, and to come together in the capital.”

do we think if Trump did not concede… if he started an effective GOTV nonprofit [like Abrams] that we would be giving him magazine covers and good coverage? No, I don’t think that would be right, and it happens on the other side, and he sees that very clearly.

In 2018, Stacey Abrams lost her gubernatorial race in Georgia by 54,723 votes. She lost one single state race by more votes than President Trump is behind in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin combined, yet refused to concede to now Gov. Kemp. And she still won’t concede the race.

Although she now recognizes that Brian Kemp legally won the election, she maintains that she will never concede the race because she continues to insist that the election was “stolen” by the GOP due to unsubstantiated claims of voter suppression and that she is the rightful winner, “despite the final tally and the inauguration.”

“Concession in the political space is an acknowledgment that the process was fair. And I don’t believe that to be so.”

And Ms Abrams was widely praised and lauded by the liberal media. NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck told Fox News,

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“Whether it’s CNN or The Washington Post, she’s welcomed as a conquering hero while any and all discussions or curiosity about transparency are treated like some obscene gesture that’ll lead to an FCC fine. When you have a media culture where not conspiracy theories but actual, dissenting views are treated as beyond the pale, you have a sad commentary on how the liberal media view the First Amendment rights of people other than themselves.”

And she continues to be protected from difficult media questions while being credited for the extremely close races in Georgia (even though the black American Democrat vote targeted by her GOTV nonprofit actually went down since Clinton).

According to RealClearPolitics,

“Not a single major media fact checker has taken Abrams to task for asserting that she “won” the election, a claim that rests on various empirical assumptions. PolitiFact hasn’t done it. hasn’t done it. Snopes? Nope. The paper of record hasn’t gone on record here. Somewhat to its credit, the Washington Post did fact-check some tangentially related falsehoods about voter suppression in Georgia when Hillary Clinton tried to claim she lost 2016 for unfair reasons. But Abrams herself has never been questioned.”

Now President Trump finds himself in a similar situation. He believes this was not a free and fair election and refuses to concede the race. And although this may be contrary to tradition, it is entirely constitutional considering not even a single state has yet certified their results, not to mention there has been no electoral collage vote. But the liberal media doesn’t laud and praise him like they did Stacey Abrams. Conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News,

“Like Stacey Abrams and Al Gore, Donald Trump should exercise his legal right to challenge the vote count. The media gleefully applauded Abrams and Gore’s effort. I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to treat President Trump in the same manner.”

Instead, they call him “small,” “pitiful,” and “irrelevant,” and factcheck every single statement he makes regarding the election and any related topics.

So, to recap, Stacey Abrams refused to ever concede the gubernatorial race because she felt (and still feels) like it was not a free and fair election, and the media has held her up for two years as a hero for democracy. But President Trump refuses to prematurely concede a highly contested presidential race and he is veritably crucified by the liberal media who advance a narrative that President Trump is “plotting a coup” and claim he is “dangerous” to democracy.

Did anyone in the media ever suggest that Stacey Abrams was plotting a coup when she refused to immediately concede?

Did anyone berate and belittle her when she refused to immediately concede?

Did anyone factcheck her claims of victory when she refused to concede?

The double standard is astounding, but is unfortunately exactly what we’ve come to expect from the entirely biased liberal mainstream media.