Pope Francis Needs To Take A Break From Social Media

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

It’s time to get into the gym ya’ll because the Pope is blessings asses. If your cheeks are ready, pop onto Instagram and see if you can’t get a “like” from his official account like Natalia Garibotto recently did.

On November 13th, the Pope, or one of the staff members that manage his official Instagram account, saw Natalia’s skimpy schoolgirl photo and must have thought, well it’s not a naughty nun outfit but it will do. On November 14th, they changed their mind and removed the like.

Thank goodness most people are stuck at home on the internet to notice and document everything. Barstool Sports caught a screenshot and tweeted, “Pope Francis is horny as hell.” Natalia replied with, “At least I’m going to heaven.” And Catholics everywhere hung their head in disbelief.

Everyone has accidentally liked an image on the internet. You merely remove the like, and if it’s on a exes photo you also curse under your breath as you hope no one saw it. I don’t know if it’s arrogance or stupidity to leave that like along with 144,000 others, but to do it from the Pope’s official account really baffles the mind.

Natalia is a bikini/lingerie/skimpy workout gear model with 2.3 million followers on Instagram. Her account links to her webpage for “exclusive content”, videos, chatting, and giveaways. Franciscus, the Pope’s official account, is not listed as one of her followers but Natalie did not have any tags or hashtags on her post that would lead you to it if you were not looking or following something closely related.

Since we’re throwing caution to the wind and choosing not to reside in the papal apartments in the Vatican, are we really just sitting around Casa Sancta Marta and scrolling through Instagram models as we brainstorm ways to “uproot evil in the church”?

The Vatican plans to investigate how such an egregious error could have occurred. I’m not Catholic, but I kinda feel there’s not an answer out there that would satisfy me if I was. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about it.

After the Pope’s endorsement of same-sex Civil Unions and chastising Catholics for “trolling for Lent”, people have come to expect the unconventional. Some Catholics, however, are wondering if the rhetorical question “Is the Pope Catholic” may now have an answer tinged in skepticism. This latest action simply does nothing to help. I hope the answers to the investigation are public knowledge soon.