“Just An Idea” Is Getting Restless

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Joe Biden may be surprised to find out that actual, physical, Antifa bodies and not ethereal, Alice-in -Wonderland-like beings spray painted “F*** Biden” on the Democratic campaign building in Portland last Sunday.

Biden remarked notably, “Antifa is an idea, not an organization.” Though everyone who hasn’t been reduced to Ensure, pudding cups, and dementia meds for dinner knows full well that Antifa is an organization that dedicates itself to fighting racism, homophobia, and fascism, by BEING racist, homophobic, and fascist against anyone in their way.

The Antifa International group on Facebook has over 18,000 members, and I’ve seen the logo on their riot gear in videos, so at least those people who are part of the organization and act in its name must think it’s real.

Democrat leaders have alternated between condoning and ignoring the violent rioting, looting, and civil unrest that sprang up in the wake of George Floyd’s death in May, 2020. Before that they were encouraging their base to find Trump supporters out in public and get in their face. Shout them down, push them back, make sure they know they’re not welcome. Then those same leaders blamed Trump for inciting violence and stirring up his base.

If anyone tries to tell you I’m wrong about that, here’s a little montage called “Two Minutes of Hate” documenting politicians, who are supposed to be adults, calling on American citizens to be mean to people they don’t agree with.

Well surprise, surprise. Antifa and BLM feel emboldened, and no one on either side has been spared. After Election Day, before ANY results were in, protests were popping up in cities like Seattle, where 8 people were arrested. CNN and other left-leaning sites told us MAGA deplorables would take to the streets after Election night. I’m still waiting.

In Washington D.C., Antifa gathered near the White House to yell, “F*** Biden, F*** Trump. No more presidents!” Their signs say “Burn down the American plantation”, and they’re attacking journalists in the streets, but it’s angry Trump supporters we’re supposed to be worried about?

First of all, we have jobs to go to. Second of all, we have common sense and that doesn’t involve setting a building on fire and stealing new sneakers to “serve justice” or whatever.

When people were boarding up their businesses before the election, what shyte for brains really thought we were going to be in the streets with MAGA riot gear and making Molotov cocktails out of Tennessee whiskey? WHO would waste whiskey?! Antifa, that’s who. Though they’re probably struggling to drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade, like a toddler forcing their way through cough syrup (hello Lady Gaga).

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Leaders on the left were happy to stand behind these divisive organizations and their actions when they thought there might be some political benefit to the unrest, or perhaps they were simply afraid to stand against them and be viewed as “the enemy”. We’re now left with well-funded, well-practiced groups throughout the country packing gluten-free granola bars to energize them as they “fight the Fasc” by wrecking havoc indiscriminately. It’s a good thing mom is still driving carpool for the revolution, it would be really unsafe to operate a vehicle after half a bottle of Mike’s.

Think supporting Antifa or BLM will spare you from their anarchy? Here’s one example of many where they accidentally attack their own after falsely identifying him as a Trump supporter. Oops! Sorry dude, see you at the next protest?

The left should have condemned their violence long ago, but they went unchecked for too long. Now we’ll see what unfolds from these children with Napoleon complex, and no allegiance to any side, thinking we need their ignorant selves to lead a revolution and change the country. Some of them can’t even spell country. And it’s not a revolution when you’re endorsed by major corporations and have the media in your pocket, that’s just called being a useful idiot.