Chick With Troublesome Baby Hairs Reaches Out To BIPOC To Get Permission To Lay Them Down. I Wish I Were Making This Up.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

YOU GUYS.  I just saw the dumbest video on TikTok EVER.  I watched it, and then watched it again because I felt like I was missing something, then realized I was missing nothing and that our culture is so totally borked that videos like this are now A Thing, and then I had to have a conversation about it with Ksenya because as a black woman, she was the target audience for this video and I just knew she’d have good insight.

You’ll see our exchange below the video, but first, feast your eyes on this crazy.

@thegreatchameleonI’m trying to educate myself. Pls help ♥ ##foryoupage ##culture ##question ##style ##plshelp♬ original sound – thegreatchameleonque

The comments, and there are hundreds, are overwhelmingly filled with gratitude about how respectful and thoughtful she is to post this video and get a blessing from internet strangers to style her own hair.  And you guys, seriously, WHAT IN THE LITERAL EFF.

Let’s just break this down.  She’s a white girl with wispy baby hairs that are hard to control, like probably millions of other white girls.  And because we now live in a world where everyone always wants to be outraged and offended by everything, she decided that in order for her to STYLE HER OWN FREAKING HAIR HOWEVER SHE WANTS TO STYLE HER OWN FREAKING HAIR, she needed to request permission from people with more melanin in their skin than she has, collectively, as if…..people of color all think the same way. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that super racist?

She legit did INTERNET RESEARCH on whether or not she was allowed, culturally, to style her baby hairs however she wants to style them.  She is afraid to even CALL them baby hairs.  This is how stupid everything is right now.

So I reached out to our Chicktern, Ksenya – who as you know is a bombshell black woman – since Ksenya is clearly in this TikTok chick’s target audience.  I had to know what she thought about it.

I messaged her, and this was our exchange (excuse our spicy language but that’s what you get when we share):

So now I’m having wine, and I’m just shaking my head that people on TikTok are reassuring that baby-haired mess of a person that she was right to ask her dumbass question, instead of pointing out that it’s RACIST AF to assume that every person of color is going to collectively agree on what she should do with her own stupid baby hairs.