Al Sharpton: Reductions In Police Resources Is ‘Something A Latte Liberal May Go For’ As They Discuss It ‘As An Academic Problem’

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If I made a list of who I thought would be the first to expel any common sense from their mouths regarding the “defund the police” movement, Al Sharpton wouldn’t make the top 100.

To say that I was shocked to hear him agree that defunding the police isn’t safe for black communities is an understatement.

Al Sharpton responded to Joe Scarborough’s question about whether New York City feels safe, saying “on the ground” in New York City “feels more violent.” Sharpton continued saying that communities where crime was always higher feel even more unsafe.

Joe says defunding the police will disproportionately affect already unsafe and poorer neighborhoods.

Sharpton walks back the previous comments he made during the rise of the defund-police movement about “reimagining policing.”

Al Sharpton says, “to take all policing off is something a Latte Liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as an academic problem. But people living on the ground need proper policing.”

Al Sharpton is a walking “pay-to-play” scandal. Why did he go on Joe Scarborough’s show and go against the Democrat lead movement?


The polls own the Democrat party. Sharpton and his ilk don’t have ideologies or stances that they hold deep in their heart. They see the trending topic in focus groups and run with it.

The polls showed that the American people thought the Democrats made the wrong decision when they backed the riots in their cities.

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That is why Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo instructed Biden’s campaign to come out against the violence.

Democrats don’t care about the rioting when they think it is helping them take down Trump. They don’t care about black lives, businesses, or neighborhoods. They don’t care about your life, your business, or your neighborhood.

They only care about adding your money to their political coffers.

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