Leaked Meeting Notes Show Boris Johnson Said Trump Was ‘Making America Great Again,’ the Telegraph Reports

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Trump’s ability to interact and work fruitfully among the nation’s top leaders has been an important topic of discussion since Donald Trump came down the golden escalator and announced he was running for the Presidency.

Joe Biden’s campaign released a video showcasing world leaders making fun of Trump. They hoped to give the impression that Trump wasn’t welcomed or taken seriously on the world stage. The tweet went as far as saying that Trump was “dangerously incompetent and incapable of world leadership.”

Their claims about Trump’s abilities enacting smart and meaningful foreign policy, as we all know, is not true.

The Telegraph released a report containing leaked meeting notes that showed Boris Johnson’s respect for Trump’s work on the world stage.

According to the notes, Boris said that the UK was “initially anxious” regarding Trump’s foreign policy. But Boris says, “Trump has been doing fantastic stuff on Syria, North Korea, China, Afghanistan.” Boris added that “the President is making America great again.”

The leaked notes published by the Telegraph do not include Trump’s recent peace deals between Israel and the ever-growing list of Arab nations. It also doesn’t include the peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo.

Both of those historic deals were considered an impossible task to complete, and yet Trump did the impossible. He brought warring nations to the table and started meaningful and lasting agreements.

He didn’t get credit in the mainstream news. These achievements were glossed over while blatant hit pieces, like the Atlantic article, were touted as fact in “gotcha-land.”

*The Atlantic article was written for pseudo-intellectualists who forgot the facts don’t care about their feelings. The 16+ people who are now on record saying that Trump would never disparage the troops and didn’t in this instance are considered facts.

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It looks good for Trump to have one of our longest-standing allies think so favorably of him in private. It isn’t smart politically to come out and support Donald Trump.

The elitists are still clinging to their control of the world’s allowed narrative, and they didn’t plan a “Donald Trump” chapter.

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