The Terrible Husband From The Earlier Wall Of Shame Post Is Still Being Terrible, Y’all.

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If you missed the earlier Wall of Shame post about “Kody” – the terrible husband – you’ll want to catch up at this link before reading further.

There.  You caught up?  Ok.  “Kody” wrote another email to me, and the props I gave him at the beginning of the earlier Wall of Shame post?  They’re officially canceled, because he in fact does NOT have the testicular fortitude to stand by his words using his Actual Name.


His latest is, unfortunately, another long-ass diatribe, so to make things a little easier to read, I’m going to respond to each of his points individually in green and in bold WITHIN the text of his message.  You’ll see what I mean.

Oh, also – I’ve left all of his atrocious spelling/grammar errors intact. He’s beyond help.

kodystonewall1917 <[email protected]

Tue 8/11/2020 3:16 PM

To: Miriam Weaver;

I was going to post this on the comment section of the “Wall of Shame” blog, but unfortunately there was not enough room. You can use this email as well.

Hello, this is actually “Kody Stonewall 1917.”

First, no its not my real name. My choice to use an alias, so there. Furthermore, “Kody” is short for “Kodiak” which is my favorite animal, “Stonewall” is in reference to the Stonewall Inn and the protests that followed after one too many bigoted police raids against it, and “1917” is in reference to the October Revolution in which the Tsars were finally overthrown.

Secondly, yes my grammar and spelling in these emails is bad. I admit it, and I do not have any other reasoning for it other than when I write fast and with passion, I do not particularly notice where my commas are going or my spelling is correct, especially when I am on my phone.

Thirdly, my email was not entirely unsolicited as The Chicks on the Right often; if not daily, say to send to comments and questions to their email address they provide, so that is what I did-I sent my comments. However, upon re-reading these comments, I regret some of the language and descriptive words I used, especially since it could be misconstrued that I am describing my wife in the same light, which I am not intending to do and never would intend to do. She is free to listen and support whomever she wants, which I support, and she reciprocates the gesture with whom I listen to and support. I even have passed on one or two “Mock’s” jokes as I found them amusing.

Dude – just stop trying to talk like you’re an intellectual.  It doesn’t work for you.  “She reciprocates the gesture with whom I listen to and support” – seriously?  STOP.  There’s no reason to go all Ashley Judd on our collective assular areas.  Just say that y’all don’t get all up in each other’s business and call it a day.  Good Lord. 

Also, if this was your attempt at apologizing for the insult-filled email(s) you sent earlier, then I guess…..ok? But it’s interesting to me that you have passed on one or two of my jokes when you made it clear in the first sentence you sent to us that YOU DON’T LISTEN TO US – only your wife does. So…how would you have heard my jokes????

But, I still by my original assertation that BLM is not filled with domestic terrorists, nor is it a Socialist/Marxist/Communist (S/M/C) organization. It has been portrayed as such, and may even have some ideas loosely based in S/M/C ideology but it is not anywhere near close to being true to such a thing as the Conservative Right makes it out to be.

“Loosely based in S/M/C ideology?”  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING?  Allow me to show you the CO-FOUNDER OF BLM saying she’s a trained Marxist. (<- That right there is a clickable sentence).  Or, just take a peek at their website for yourself – their stated goals are RIGHT THERE.  It’s not only exactly as the “conservative right” makes it out to be, it’s actually WORSE, given that they’re now considering outright theft to be the same as “reparations.” (<-That’s a clickable sentence too.)

This isn’t about how BLM is portrayed by others.  It’s about how they actually conduct themselves. 

Oh – could you do us a favor and let us know where the millions of dollars they’ve raised in the last few months have gone, exactly? Super excited to learn how much they’ve helped black lives. 

Also, my wife and I have been married since 2012, together since 2009. We have had our ups, downs, high ups, and deep downs, but we have always respected each others opinions and beliefs, no matter how we disagree, and we’ve never mocked, condescended, or poked fun at each other in mean and harmful ways that I percieve The Chicks to do, as well as others like Limbaugh, especially when saying or hinting that an issue or explanation will go over someone’s head.

Nope – sorry.  You lost your opportunity to be on some sort of moral high ground when you sent your first email filled with name-calling and attacks. It’s on now. 

I am not the smartest person in the room, but I am not so stupid that I cannot have an intelligent and informed civil discourse will people, and I often do, especially with those of differing opinions. Unfortunately, those who can facilitate a civil discourse are the ones who never get airtime.

Meaning…who, exactly?  Because if you’re talking about yourself, you’ve already proven that you’re the last person on earth who can “facilitate a civil discourse.”

Fifth, I do not know what a “soyboy” is, but I assure you I am not one, and I do not use “woke buzzwords.” Also, I am not having any sexual or gender confusion. I am male. I am married to a wonderful woman whom I love. And I do have a set of testicles; however, physical traits alone do not define who a person is, and science also backs up transgender as a natural occurring identity.

If you don’t know what a soyboy is, how can you be so sure you’re not one? 

Have you ever heard that (para)phrase, “Methinks thou dost protest too much?” Yeah.  It applies here, to you, and to that entire paragraph. 

Sixth, Bernie Sanders is not a lunatic-he is the only sane person in Congress at the moment, and for any commenters who thought I was labeling Bill Maher and Ellen DeGeneres as “Christians,” I was not. They were part of the “progressives” who want appear “woke” actually have such a sense of entitlement and egotism; much like I view The Chicks, Limabugh, and Trump, that they feel they speak for an entire group by self-appointment when all they really are doing is ensuring the same old lobbyist bought douchebags stay in Congress for 50 years and get nothing done.

“Bernie Sanders is the only sane person in Congress.”

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HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ok.  There went any shred of opportunity to find even a tiny speck of common ground.  Bernie Sanders is a lunatic.  Full stop. And so is anyone who supports his ideological beliefs. End of story. 

Hey thanks for including us in such esteemed company as that Limabugh guy.  Is he related to beans?

Seventh, the countries mentioned that “embraced” S/M/C didn’t embrace the ideology-they used the name, some “woke buzzwords” as it were, and then once in power, threw away facade and showed their true colors as Fascist dictators. The only way S/M/C leads to Fascism/Totalitarianism is when it is used as a red herring. The same goes for Marx and Engels: anyone who can actually read their work-not someone’s interpretation or analysis, but the actual work, would see how beneficial the blue collar workers would be.

There you go again.  Countries that actually espoused and enabled socialism/marxism/communism just didn’t do it right, according to your logic (which is the same logic that people used to promote these horrible ideas in the past). I can’t believe you’re willing to be this dumb this publicly, but EVERY SOCIALIST/MARXIST/COMMUNIST ultimately becomes a fascist dictator when put in a position of power.  See:  EVERY COUNTRY THAT EVER TRIED IT EVER. This isn’t a red herring thing, “Kody.”  It’s the only logical end to those ideologies. There is no happy ending.  There is no utopia where everyone just agrees to share the wealth and live happily ever after.  There are ALWAYS people who take power and then exploit and control and ultimately destroy.  

You know the definition of insanity, right?  Look it up. 

Finally, I do deserve to breathe this air in the USA. I was born here, raised here, taught to explore different avenues and form my own beliefs while respecting others even if those differ from mine, and that is what I find infuriating about what I heard this morning on the Facebook video, every day on the radio or podcast, and from others like Crowder, An0maly, and Limbaugh: a condescending attitude towards anyone who dares to not think and believe as they do, even though the freedom of thought, expression, and belief is a protected right.

Disagree.  You don’t deserve to breathe the air in the USA.  You just have the RIGHT to.  And you know why you don’t deserve to?  Because you claim to care about the freedom of thought and expression while at the same time supporting ideologies that don’t. You’re probably all “YAY RAH!” about Antifa, yes?  You probably believe that they’re ACTUALLY “anti-fascist,” despite the fact that their behavior in every circumstance is counter to their name.  You’re a perfect example of what’s called a useful idiot. (Look that up, too.)

And just to clarify again, it sounds like you’re NOW saying you listen to our show every day?  Make up your mind.  

This back and forth has been amusing, but I think we’re done here.  Don’t waste your time on more emails – two posts dedicated to your kind of wack is plenty, and I have completely reached the up with which I can no longer put. (That’s an Ashley Judd reference.  Look it up.)

Godspeed to your wife.

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