BLM In Chicago Justifies Looting By Calling It ‘Reparations’

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Can you even believe this crap?

I mean, this is indefensible, and yet, morons like this clown actually defend it.

Eric is Actually Suggesting that peaceful protesters were IGNORED.  Is he on crack?!?! The country has turned completely upside down since George Floyd’s death.  Entire corporate and school curriculae have been updated to include Bullsh*t about White Fragility and the 1619 Project.  Police departments have been defunded.  NONE of that is good or helpful, mind you, but to say that protesters have been ignored is like the actual of delusion.  They’ve been coddled and caved to, in ways that make me sick to my stomach.

And yet, they continue to throw these nonsensical tantrums that do nothing but destroy the cities they live in, and set race relations back even further.

If you’re a supporter of the BLM movement, you’re aligned with anarchists and domestic terrorists, and you are literal filth.  Black lives do matter, of course, but the movement that has overtaken and hijacked that phrase is a huge pile of steaming garbage.  And the tweet from the Chicago branch couldn’t make that more clear.