Wall Of Shame: Terrible Husband Edition.

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Y’ALL.  I wanna give props to our latest Wall of Shamer up front for standing up for his insane beliefs SO SINCERELY that he allowed us to share his emails without anonymizing him. That took some guts, and so before we rip on him further, I felt it was important to share that up front.  He was fine with this being public.

Now then, check out this email exchange from earlier today.

Can you imagine what sort of person you have to be to completely crap all over people your wife watches and enjoys each morning? I mean, DAYUM.

(Side note: It’s always so amusing to find out from people who have no idea what our personal finances are that we’re rich and that we have no idea what it’s like to worry about money. 🙂 )

(Side note #2: I know – it’s tough to get past his terrible grammar.  I feel you on that.)

With respect to his BLM rant, he was responding to what we said in our video from this morning, which was that yes, the organized BLM MOVEMENT is filled with domestic terrorists whose only interest is to completely destroy our cities, loot businesses in the name of “reparations” and ultimately turn our country into a failed communist state.  George Floyd, Michael Brown, and Breonna Taylor SHOULD be alive.  And that changes exactly NOTHING about the stated goals of the official BLM movement.  What an idiotic argument for this clown to make.

That was all gonna be way over his head though, so I simply responded like this.

Honestly, if we knew her name we’d be tempted to send out someone to do a welfare check on her.

Kody (if that’s his name) didn’t take kindly to my reply.

Reminder:  This jackass sent us an unsolicited email calling us dumb, entitled, disconnected, blonde, pundit wenches, and then basically had to grab the smelling salts over my one-line reply expressing sympathy for his poor wife.  These soyboys are all alike, I swear.

I responded:

Before I show you the insane diatribe he wrote in response, it’s worth mentioning that I have no idea what he was even referring to when he brought up gender and sexuality.  He offered no context, so I can only assume that he’s in the midst of a gender identity/sexuality panic right now. Which doesn’t bode well for his long-suffering wife.

The white privilege he says we have isn’t preventing us from “understanding what life is really like” because we’re LIVING what life is really like. Does he think we live on Mars? We’re working moms, wives, business owners – regular women existing in Actual Life, trying to make ends meet, plan for the future, get our kids through school, etc. etc.  What kind of alternate universe is Kody even living in?  It’s like he’s been so indoctrinated with woke buzzwords he just throws them all into random sentences in the hopes that something actually makes sense.

Newsflash, Kody.  Nothing you say makes sense.  Least of all your final response:

I mean, the guy is using BERNIE SANDERS as the solution to everything wrong with the country.  Holy crap.  He’s telling US to study Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (Kody – please note the correct spelling of his name, you idiot), instead of realizing that it’s BECAUSE we’ve studied them that we would never support a lunatic like Bernie Sanders.  Kody – do yourself a favor and actually learn HISTORY.  Learn what happened to countries that embraced socialism and communism.  They’re not “lazy examples” – they exemplify the natural logical outcome of those “In Name” philosophies.  The logical outcome IS fascist, totalitarian dictatorships.  What’s lazy is your attitude of, “Well, I’m sure it’ll work if we do it Bernie Sanders’ way!  Those other countries just didn’t do it RIGHT!  But WE totally would!”  You, Kody, are a complete fool and frankly, you don’t deserve America. You don’t deserve to breathe the air in this country.  And since you detest it so much, you should GTFO of it.  We’d all be a lot better off without you.

And so would your wife.

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