Opinion: NHL Proves It’s the Only Respectful Sport Left, Players Stand Together For the National Anthem

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Well sheesh, hockey is going to be the only damn sport left!

I’m not complaining, but goodness, this kneeling garbage is spreading like wildfire. It’s good to finally see something different – something more powerful.

Take note of the teams standing intermixed with one another. Now that resembles unity.

The two teams even communicated with one another prior to the game about what to do during the national anthem (of all things to worry about these days… but, I digress).

Breitbart reported:

The New York Rangers and Islanders stood for the national anthem during Wednesday’s exhibition game ahead of the final portion of the NHL’s 2020 season.

Ahead of the game, Islanders captain Anders Lee noted that the two teams conferred on what they should do for the national anthem.

“I’m sure we’ll be in touch with the Rangers and try to figure something out here, probably something similar,” Lee said on a Zoom call on Tuesday. “I think it’s awesome to see. It’s a great reason to come together as rivals and teams and show really the true importance of coming together and standing up for justice and what is right.”

As their social justice statement, the teams decided to intermix on the ice during the anthem instead of standing in lines as opposing teams.

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The Islanders ended up winning the game 2-1.