CNN’s Chris Cuomo Is ‘Proud’ Of His Brother Andrew Cuomo For His Handling Of Coronavirus in New York

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

In an interview with his brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo says that the vacuum of power on the federal level was the issue and that Andrew Cuomo did a good job working with other governors, including MICHIGAN GOVERNOR WHITMER.

He says that he is proud of his brother and that everyone has their critics, but he should be proud of what he did for New York.

Let’s analyze this for a minute:

    1. Andrew Cuomo is an entitled idiot along with his entitled idiot brother. He laughed when states were shutting down. He didn’t close New York down in fact; he allowed parades and large gathering as my husband was already 3 days into a two-week mandatory quarantine for being in the same warehouse space as someone that tested positive.
    2. He begged and begged for PPE gear and claimed that the gear and ventilators were not being distributed by the federal government. He did no leg work to get it and relied HEAVILY on the federal government for assistance. Then we magically found warehouses full of hidden PPE gear and ventilators in New Jersey that were supposed to be used in New York. You want us to believe this wasn’t an attempt to make Trump look like he didn’t deliver on ventilators and PPE gear?
    3. Last but definitely not least, this man mandated that senior living places were not allowed to deny contagious coronavirus patients. They were forced to take in sick patients into the homes of the most vulnerable. This policy was only enacted in Democrat-run states. They killed THOUSANDS of seniors.

The killing of thousands of seniors is one of the most tragic realities of coronavirus. We know that they are the most vulnerable. We understand that this disease is harder on them than a younger person with a healthy, reliable immune system. This was known from the beginning and has been one of the few “facts” about this virus that has never changed.

So then why is it that Chris Cuomo is proud of his brother?

He is a disgusting grandma killer and not because of his ability to wear or not wear a mask. He is a disgusting grandma killer because Andrew Cuomo directed nursing homes to take in infected patients, and the results were thousands of avoidable senior deaths.

Chris Cuomo is proud of his brother because it wasn’t their mother in those disease-ridden nursing homes.

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