Hi! We’re THE CHICKS. The Ones Who’ve Been Using That Name Conversationally For The Past Twelve Years.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

So, the Dixie Chicks have decided to rename themselves. They’re calling themselves “The Chicks” now, which is weird, considering they’re liberal feminists who usually point fingers at conservative chicks and say, “OMG THAT NAME IS SOOOOOOOO SEXIST!”

Liberal feminists never cease to amuse me.

But now, “The Chicks” will apparently try to use that name to make money in a capitalist America, all the while trashing the very system that allows them the freedom and ability to become, well, wealthy and successful.

Bless their hearts.

Anywho, we’re on vacay next week – we’ll totally miss y’all.  We’re back the week of July 6th, though.  Until then, hold down the fort for us!  And we hope you and yours have a fabulous Independence Day!