Republican Mayor Donates His Salary To Pay Utility Bills For His Residents

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

There is good in this world; we just have to look for it.

The mayor of Pensacola, Fl, Grover Robinson, held a press conference on Monday to address coronavirus concerns in his city. During the press conference, the mayor proclaimed that he would be donating his salary during the entirety of the coronavirus crisis.

He wants his salary to go to paying for his struggling residents’ bills.

Originally reported by the Pensacola News Journal, Robinson, who makes $100,000 a year and has pledged to give it all during the period of crisis. He said he realizes that this will be but a “drop in a bucket” compared to the real need in his community, but he felt he had to do something.

“Now, granted, this isn’t going to make a tremendous drop in the bucket, but what I want to communicate to you is I’m not afraid. If I was afraid for myself, I would be doing something to retain that (salary). But I’m not going to ask you to lose your salary if I’m not willing to do the same at this particular time,” said Robison at the presser.

This comes after Robinson had to order the city’s restaurants close their doors to the public with the exception of to-go orders. We have seen towns across the country enact these measures and more to fight the coronavirus. With these tough decisions come the unwanted side effect of American’s forced out of their jobs.

Large corporations are stepping up and donating equipment, time, and expertise. Front line workers like doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police, and EMTs are working long hours with minimal protective gear. The grocery store workers and truck drivers are the only things keeping this boiled kettle from blowing.

This is a moving and powerful donation from this mayor, and I take extra pride in the fact that he is a Republican.

Robinson wanted his residents to be hopeful. Saying that he is with them and willing to sacrifice right alongside them. He reassured his residents that they will get through this and that they would find a way.


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