Cardi B Attacks Trump In Incoherent Ramblings Over Coronavirus Pandemic

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

For the readers that don’t know who Cardi B is, let me be the one to educate you.

She is a former stripper turned female rapper that has had songs reach #1 on the Billboard charts. She has admitted in the past to drugging men that paid for lap dances and robbing them. She has no remorse.

Her #1 songs include:

  • Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)
  • Maroon 5 -Girls Like You Feat. Cardi B
  • I Like It

Not a single bit of this information qualifies her to instruct Americans on any issue, much less the coronavirus crisis.

That didn’t stop Cardi B from donning a surgical face mask, which is in alarmingly short supply, and going live on Instagram to tout her disdain for Trump’s handling of the coronavirus situation.

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I said what I said

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First, it is hard to even focus on her incoherent ramblings because her nails are so long, and I was and am very interested in what the typing on her mask says. If any of the readers have a clue, please put it in the comment section.

Her current issue with Trump is him saying that if you feel good, don’t get tested. She says this is confusing to people because you can test positive for coronavirus even if you are not exhibiting any symptoms.

While yes, you can test positive without symptoms, that does not mean that everyone that walks around the U.S. should go and get tested for coronavirus. The U.S. has obviously had a testing shortage since this pandemic began. The President and those part of the coronavirus task force have been working tireless hours trying to create and distribute adequate numbers of tests for those that need it.

This virus came out of nowhere, and China was less than helpful when trying to grab data to create the testing that would diagnose the virus.

She continues to ramble on about how celebrities are also to blame. These celebrities are getting tested without symptoms, and their test results are coming back positive. These celebrities have often traveled or are currently in locations that have large amounts of coronavirus outbreaks. An average American is not going to travel all around the world for their job, and those that do have often been tested.

In a separate video, she shares the conspiracy theory that celebrities are being paid to say they have tested positive for coronavirus. This is something that I find hilarious as I love to watch the left eat their own. Idris Elba is one of the celebrities that have tested positive and hit back.

I do agree to the point that it seems ridiculous that celebrities with no symptoms can get a test, but my sister, who is showing signs, was denied.

About a month ago, a reporter asked Trump if he thought that wealthy athletes or well-connected people should be allowed to get tested without symptoms. He said, “No, I wouldn’t say so, but perhaps that’s been the story of life. That does happen on occasion. I’ve noticed where some people have been tested fairly quickly.”

I digress.

She continues her incoherent tirade disagreeing with people testing positive for coronavirus and being sent home to self-quarantine.

She truly is an idiot.

She says, “What do they think they’re sending people home to? Not everybody have the luxury to go in their f—ing bedroom and to go in a big-ass house and get away from people. A lot of people live in small-ass apartments with multiple people,” she continued. “So it’s like if you’re sending me home and I have the corona-f—ing-virus I’m most likely going to give it to my spouse, my kids, anybody that’s around me.”

Yes, there is a real concern that quarantining at home will spread it to the rest of your family. However, if you are not in need of hospitalization and you do not have immune-compromised family members living with you, taking up much-needed space in a hospital is not the answer.

Her last remarks were about whether the healthcare costs to recover from coronavirus should be covered by the government. She says, “I feel like the government should take that shit … and not charge people for it, because at the end of the day this shit could’ve been prevented when they found out about this shit a couple of months ago and the shit it was doing in China. Some people don’t even have enough money to f—ing afford health care.”

So eloquent Cardi.

While the testing is covered by the government, it is still unknown whether the bill that the House has still not called to a vote will cover the healthcare costs if you wind up in the hospital.

Regardless this woman is an idiot, and if at any point in time, I ever agree with her, remind me to get my head examined.

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